Friday, August 10, 2012

Dragon, Doily, Bookmarks, Motifs and Heart

Ginny has been having a lovely time down under and managed to tat several of Karen Bickerton's Frilled Dragons.

Diane has round 2 of the doily for Lily done. Christina from Tatted Bookmarks: cross-shaped by Lene Bjorn done in size 80 Lizbeth #144, Leaf Swirl was perfect for her new book.

Fox tatted the Inside Out bookmark by Julie Patterson in #40 yellow Lizbeth and LadyShuttlemaker's Magnolia. Athalia is a motif Fox did in memory of her Mum, tatted in what she thinks is Yarnplayer's Peace HDT. The pink sparkle thread she used for the next one is some the Suneeti sent her when she has the pattern written up she'll post it on her web site.

Jess's daughter decided she wanted to wear one of the new hair clips for her first day of kindergarten. Jess decided to do Fox's Heart for Misha and to make it look like a cat.

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