Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flowers, Leaves, Baby Booties, Motifs, Bookmarks, Hearts, Frog, Doily and Butterflies

Wooroosa saw the pictures of the results of Umintsuru's Tat Along where various people tried out Ruth Scarf's leaves and flowers and was inspired to tat her own. She used teal green thread from Aira and variegated sky blue thread. It took several tries to get it the way she wanted it, but she finally has it done. Spiral from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns was done using more of the teal green thread. She couldn't resist tatting these mini shoes when she saw them done in a rainbow of colours on her friend's blog. Her mini adorable mini shoes are done in Lizbeth size 40 Country Side colour 117. The Jan Stawasz star motif is part of a larger pattern from Theory and Patterns was done in purple and white and then in white and purple to see how it looks before doing the 24 or 25 needed.

Margaret decided to ad some new colours to her stash and this is Lizbeth No 20 Christmas Green Mix in Kersti's Floral Tatted Bookmark. This cross is from Mary Konior's book, Tatted Patterns and the heart is Susan Fuller's Heart's Desire. The Dream Catcher is Margaret's own design.

Marie has another Daisy Motif done, again with reversed colours to the most recent one, namely Leaf Green and Vineyard Harvest.

Ginny tatted these Karen Bickerton Patterns and the frog should have red eyes but she prefers blue eyes. Here is a collection of all of the designs she has done so far and Karen's designs are available from her Etsy shop.

Linda has finished Nancy Tracy's Fields of Clover doily, done in size 20 Lizbeth 145, Pink Parade.

Diane has round 3 of the doily for Lily completed and it's much smalled in size 40 Berry Burst thread that the one made in size 20 thread.

Fox finished Athalia in Jess's HDT and she likes how this one turned out even though the only finding she had was 3 sided. The pattern for it is now on her blog. She's on to another design, which she has called Evelyn tatted in Lizbeth #40 and Jess's HDT. This is a remake of the green and coral design she did with a convex finding which she thinks gives is a heraldic look. This is another one in reds. HDT from Charlette and Lizbeth #40 really make Mary Konior's Masquerade ready for the ball although a missed picot also means a missing segment of chain. Martha's version of Athalia uses a button in place of a finding.

Isdihara found tatted treasures at this year's county fair including a mignonette tatted bag that won Best in Show and the second place entry was a tatting covered christening gown. Third place went to a delicate pair of tatted earrings. Isdihara's own entries of the Regal Snowflake and the Old Fashioned Heart failed to inspire the judges and sometimes it seems that a large piece carries more weight. The final piece the tatting covered egg received a second prize. In spite of Isdihara's disappointment she is tatting on, working her way through a Tina Frauberger design.

Jess has decided to expand the Havana doily, Mary Maynard's from Tatting a 4 Square Ring, and include it in her fair entry this year. The fourth row is Lizbeth's Evergreen which didn't look quite right in bright daylight so she is adding Key Lime Raspberry Parfait which she thinks will match the Evergreen a little better. It's looking more like a sherbet sundae. and the seventh row is pulling it all together.

Marty used the Sunset Thread and doily that Jess dyed to create this lovely work of art experimenting with split chain pieces she's done. The design looked a little "leggy" so she added the row of size 40 peach coloured chains weaving in and out around the legs. The judges were impressed with the colours and Marty plans to submit it for the State Fair as well.

Michelle saw this motif in an Elgiva Nichols book and tatted it up to put in a pendant for the Artists' Market . She also put some butterflies in pendants and tatted Ellen Lai's butterfly on a paperclip. Here's a collection of some of the things they sold, with no clear preference for any one thing. Totus Mel's slave bracelets were made for her eldest daughter. She had an opportunity to attend the IOLI convention ion St Paul and was amazed at some of the vintage laces with picots tied together.

Wanda tatted another pair of barefoot sandals. These are made with DMC #310 black thread in size 10 and 6/0 glass seed beads, an Amethyst mix.

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