Monday, March 12, 2012

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Marie has decided to join the fun and she's been tatting Jon's necklace pattern in a variety of colours and beads, like peach and cream thread with opalite beads, cream and peach thread with a crystal drop, turquoise and black thread with glass beads, peach and turquoise thread with opalite beads and purple and green thread with cats-eye beads. Beth Zipay's TatChat Shuttle pattern was used to make matching bracelets in purple and green thread with glass and cats-eye beads, peach and cream thread with glass beads, turquoise and peach thread with opalite beads, cream and peach thread with opalite beads and black and turquoise thread with glass beads.

JB tatted egg #15 from the Tatted Easter Eggs book Kirsten Wind Hansen. The butterfly is tatted in DMC Pastel variegated (which she likes better than the Lizbeth variegated) and the outer round in DMC Cebelia lavender, all size 20. The center of egg #8 is tatted with Lizbeth Spring Flower and the outer rounds are Turquoise Lt. The colours seem much more vibrant in person.

Frivole has posted a video showing how she tats Ruth Scharf's Tischband leaf being used in the Tat Along. She decided to try out using Hand Wound Threads as suggested by Jane Eboral and used it to tat this one shuttle motif. Here are the sewing threads she used. The round green doily she has been working on is suddenly a marvellous finished diamond.

Mariya is currently working on several projects. For the Tat Along she wants to tat one square using 4 leaves and 4 flowers. The Lucky Clover doily is being used for a Tat Along in the Russian speaking community and she is using it to get some practice so after tatting it in green she has started it again in white. The third project is her small puzzle doily.

Laurette has finally finished this WISP (work in slow progress). She bought this clover hanky from a vintage hanky vendor about 3 years ago and she thought the green variegated size 40 thread was a good match. Good things just take time.

Lelia has been enjoying some help from the cat to tat this motif from Patti Duff's Mini Tats. First she used the shoe lace trick (SLT) with LizBeth size 20, Colour 686 and then 2 shuttles and an unknown thread probably also size 20.

Jess loves Jon's Firus from Elegant Tatting Gems which she did in her Chilled HDT using creative license and then again in navy blue with some slight modifications.

Axa was wondering how silk ribbon looked in tatting, so she did a sample to try it out. I'd say it looks wonderful.

Marta has Incorporated a filigree finding into an amazing necklace.

IsDihara gives us a sneak peek at a work in progress that is suffering from a lack of tatting time.

Linda has February's quilt block done complete with Martha Ess's tatted dachshund.

Bonnie's friend is making amazing progress in her tatting as evidenced by this lovely little heart tatted in size 80 thread.

Bree has started a new doily in Lizbeth Ecru and while the original only has 4 rows she may add more.

Diane has now tried out all of the Oliver Twist colours that she has making Stumpy bookmarks and she thinks this colour wheel may be her new favourite set.

Fox was tatting another heart in the coffee shop (what else?) when a patron remarked that she hadn't seen anyone tat in a long time because it was a "dying art". So she has decided to keep a selection of these hearts on hand as give aways. She had been lamenting not being able to feel Frivole's tatting "in person" until she received this package with a frame for her favourite feline and some tatted pieces she can fondle to her heart's content. The results are that this is the best heart yet. Victats provided a correction to Karey's heart and now it's working out just fine.

Martha tatted Heart Nouveau from Karey's Hearts Belong to Tatting in some of Karey's hand painted thread.

Michelle's recent tatting has been a comedy of errors. The Mary Konior edging that she agonized over doing the SCMR was working out fine until she looked at her thread and realized she was running out. So then she though she might go with white, but it just didn't look right. She picked up another ball from her stash and while the colour seems to match, the thread is old and brittle and it keeps on breaking. She's working through the Tat Along and the flowers are mostly OK, but the leaf is not co-operating. A quick lesson in tatting on a ring restored her equilibrium,so that she was able to tat another leaf. Except that she wasn't concentrating near the end and tatted too many chains. When she tried to take it out the thread split. Do you ever get the feeling the universe is trying to tell you something?

Sherry gives another sneak peek at branching encapsulation, the technique she used to create theses trees. Couldn't you just pick an apple right off this tree?

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