Thursday, March 08, 2012

Doilies, Letter, Edging, Motifs, Gloves, Hearts, Easter Egg, Bracelet and Bunnies

Frivole would have been finished if she'd stuck with the plan but she decided a little variety was in order.

Mariya has been experimenting with some petaled braids and some letter tatting.

Laurette filled the shuttle thinking it would be enough...or maybe not, so she filled the shuttle as full as it would go and it reached all the way, to almost the end. You have our sympathy.

Lelia has been working on some of the Mini Tats motifs from Pattie Duff's book. The first is done with Tatted with size 20 LizBeth colour 684 and the second with size 20 LizBeth colour 696. Then there's this one that looks like peas in a pod.

Heather has posted a challenge, a scavenger hunt for tatters.

Jessica took a picture of the tatted fingerless gloves before she shipped them out. The colour contrast between natural and ecru is very subtle and doesn't show up well in the photograph.

Cindy switched back to the finer size 40 thread for her leaves, but she's finding that both the finer thread and the darker colour are making it hard to tat.

Diane received her shuttles Chris Hinton at The Shuttle Shop featuring Diane's tatting of Anne Bruvold's design, Kersti Anear's Stumpy Jane Eborall's tatting on the third. She was in the mood to tat with some size 30 Nectarine HDT from Yarnplayer, but after working with the quilting thread it felt like using rope.

Fox has tatted another heart and miracle of miracles, she thinks she's improving. (It's not a miracle that she's improving, we can all see that. The miracle is that she can finally see it.) She's also getting quite a collection of hearts. She's been having fun tatting Easter Eggs from Kirsten Wind Hansen's book. Then of course she tatted another heart. A surprise package came from "D" who is blogless so Fox is showing us all of the tatting goodness including Easter Egg Lizbeth in #80.

Kelly is the proud winner of the giveaway prize from Marilee and she's thrilled to bits with it.

Wanda decided she liked the bunny face and had to make a few more and the pattern is on her blog.

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