Thursday, March 15, 2012

Earrings, Teapots, Easter Egg, Doilies, Necklace, Flowers, Leaves, Bookmarks, Motifs and Hearts

Marie has created earrings to match the necklaces and bracelets she did. She's been tatting tea pots from Martha Ess's book, Tea is for Tatting. The Shamrock Teapot was tatted in size 20 Lizbeth in Autumn Spice and Medium Leaf Green, while the Antique Rose Tea Set was done in size 40 thread but she doesn't remember the colour. The Tiny Round Teapot done in size 80 "Star" thread, make great earrings and the Tiny Square Teapot was done in size 20 Lizbeth in Vintage Harvest. The cross from Roger at Needle Tatting was done in Pearl Cotton #8 in purple and gold. The larger cross was done in size 10 crochet thread in gold with a gold filament and white with an iridescent filament with gold rocaille beads on the inner ring picots.

JB tatted egg #6 in Lizbeth Lemon Yellow because as a child she always had a yellow egg.

Laurette tatted the Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior in Lizabeth Autumn Spice #136.

Jess has posted lots of pictures of previously shown items so that she can read the comments for an Italian presentation. She tatted Half Moon Dreaming necklace, a pattern provided by Kersti in Krystledawne's Wisteria Lane HDT.

Cindy is making progress on her Tat Along and she's hoping that when she gets the next two leaves done and attached, that it will still lie flat.

Diane likes using the 30 wt. Sulky Blendables thread to make Stumpy. She can undo chains easily enough but she has difficulty with the rings and she doesn't mind cutting the thread and starting over. She has been inspired to tat each color thread with a different shuttle, which is a good way to share her collection.

Fox wondered what Roger's motif would look like with a different coloured centre. Then she did another of Karey Solomon's designs from Tatting Times Two and played around with some ideas. She finally ended up attaching the motif to something that was sent her last year that was intended as a bookmark and it looks like it's found a home. She really liked one of the designs from Tatted Easter Eggs by Kirsten Wind Hansen and she found that adding a round of crochet around the outer edge held all of the picots in place. Then we have another heart or two that are looking really good. Followed by Karey Solomon's design again in some HDT.

Martha has finished her Tat Along and like several others she noticed that the finished piece didn't lay flat without blocking. She noticed that the instructions call for 6 rows but the picture in the book seems to show only 5 which might account for the improper fit.

Michelle's Tat Along leaves are coming along nicely.

Sherry gives us another tease from her new book, a Winter Tree. The Book Branching Encapsulation is available for pre-order now. Jane Eborall's pattern was used to create this Patchwork doily in size 80 thread.

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