Friday, March 23, 2012

Necklace, Motifs, Doilies, Bookmarks, Hearts, Edgings, Earrings, Bracelet and Owl

Marie made this lovely necklace for her sister's birthday with an aquamarine bauble, pearls and crystals. Tattasaurusing Baubles and Motifs II, her second book is available with lots of little treasures likes those decorating this little tree.

Mariya is keeping us guessing about her most recent tatting. Do you recognize it? Work is progressing on the Lucky Clover Doily and she's decided that she doesn't like the thread, but she doesn't want to start over.

Laurette tatted Roger aka/Freedman's Diamonds Are Forever doily in Lizabeth Country Turquoise Med #661 and ecru both size 20, which is the largest doily she's ever done.

Jess tatted up her little motif trying out several different colours of thread. Top row is Lizbeth # 662 and # 679 and her Rainbowlicious, middle row is her Fairy Dust, Tropical Punch and more #662, bottom row Lizbeth Denim Whisper.

Diane says this Parchment colour of the Sulky blendables reminds her of cream. This next colour is called Sun and Sea.

Fox's new favourite heart is Karey Solomon's Heart Nouveau done here in Lizbeth purple. Her first attempt was a bit wonky but for once she didn't destroy it. She received a heart from Martha and the thread colours perfectly match the foxglove shuttle she received from La Cosette. She's been using her thread ends to practice tatting SSSRs. Iris Niebach's Dahlia took some false starts and a bit of UN-tatting but it's finally done in all it's glory. She found Iris's helpful explanation of how to do the block tatting very helpful.

Kelly received this tatting edged hanky from the Fringe Tatters "Hanky Panky" exchange. She tatted this necklace and earring set from Marilee Rockley's book Up and Tat Em. She used Marilee's own size 30 HDT that she received in the giveaway. These earrings are a Nancy Tracy pattern done in the same size 30 black thread but she modified it to get it to work for needle tatting. This bracelet is a Kaye Judt pattern she taught a few years ago that Kelly tatted for her SIL's birthday.

Orsi has started tatting the edging fro her table napkins. She's only doing one corner or it will take forever to get them finished.

Sherry started tatting a mystery object that kind of looks like a merry widow. It's actually Jane Eborall's tatted owl with the belly tatted in Sherry's Size 20 Butter Toffee HDT and the eyes tatted in Size 20 Shades of Gray HDT. It's finally finished off and added to a shirt. Sherry was thinking of doing a baby owl with it's head peeking out of the pocket.

Sue tatted this suncatcher in Lizbeth size 40 Purple Iris Fusion with cheap plastic kids beads, but they match so well. She did another suncatcher in Lizbeth size 40 Rainbow Taffy and kids beads in pink, purple, blue and yellow. She really wanted this one to stand out so she added chains to the outside of the kid's pink bracelet. She loves Mary's Butterfly, done here in size 10 thread, and she was inspired to try and make a flower using 2 different colored threads.

Vanessa tatted Teri Dusenbury's Forever Young doily in size 20 Coats Mercer cotton.

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