Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ornaments, Edging, Necklaces, Motifs, Bell, Leaf, Snowflakes and Doilies

Frances was inspired by other bloggers to create some tatting covered ornaments. The first is edging 8834, p91 the tatters treasure chest, with the motif no3 from my previous post and filler tatting and beads. Followed by the medallion from Tatting Patterns by Julie Sanders with bead accents and attached with chains and rings. The edging is Astrid from Tatting Patterns and Designs which is also destined to become part of an ornament. Now her sweetie wants half a dozen done to ship off to his family in time for Christmas.

Stacy was surfing the net and saw Elizabeth's gorgeous necklace, as did her 9 year old who instantly wanted a necklace to go with the pine cone charm she found. The first necklace used a 5 pointed motif and with the pine cone hanging from it, looked lopsided. The pendant portion redone with Yarnplayer's Small Maple Leaf pattern and "Sugar Maple" HDT was much better.

Jess found time during her studies to tat Flower Patch by Mary Konior, in Lizbeth size 40 Mountain Breeze. If she can get a couple more done she'll have a bookmark. Something to hold her place in all those school books.

Michelle finished her bell which looks all right now that it's done. It was pointed out though that she had started with 8 repeats, not 6 which contributed greatly to the piece not looking like the picture.

Axa is working on a design for an autumn leaf.

Patrycja has found that cooler weather has her thinking about snowflakes. The first part is a design by Magbod.

SunshineCraft is still in love with onion rings and had to tat the 'Green Vedallia' doily from Roger AKA Freedman although she thinks her version should be called 'Yellow onions and shallots'.

Cindy had to tat Miranda's Angels in the Snow and of course this close to Halloween she did it in orange.

Orsi is tatting another design from Every woman's complete guide to tatting, a medallion and edging in pale yellow.

Wanda has her Yes U Can doily finished and looking gorgeous. Looking at it now, she can see some things she would do differently if she were going to tat it again.

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