Monday, October 17, 2011

Edging, Doily, Bookmarks, Earrings, Snowflake, Leaves, Butterfly and Motifs

Jessica tatted another pattern from the Priscilla books and finished a repeat with barely enough thread to tie a knot. She's not sure what she'll use the edging for,but it might look nice on a pillowcase.

Marta has started her version of the Yes U Can doily. She is working it so that she will have a minimal number of ends to hide. That can be easier because there aren't ends to deal with, but harder to figure out.

IsDihara has posted about Yarnplayer's new Tatted Jewellery book published by Annie's Attic. The Tat Days photos will make you drool over books, threads and of course, projects, like snowflakes, tatting embellished mittens, Nina Libin's beanile earrings and necklace and more.

Fox tatted a Mary Konior design in a marvellous mauve thread sent to her by Michelle. She's already into Martha's new book tatting this bookmark and Playing with Picots. She tatted a leaf bookmark with variegated thread in yellows and greens with added red beads for more fall colour which her friend loved, only it was something Fox wanted to keep, so she did a second bookmark for her instead. Now she's onto a new project by Susanne Schwenke that has her spit-zen.

Gina has the Winter Butterfly done. She tried doing the body in white, size 30 and the wings in pale gray, size 30, along with a silver blending filament, but it simply looked like mismatched whites. She removed the body and replaced it with one in pale gray that shows off the silver filament better.

Orsi has been tatting from the book she won and after her first try she can see where she can improve it.

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