Saturday, October 08, 2011

Motifs and Doilies

Stacy has been using up the leftover Aqua Bay and Lava some of Yarnplayers HDT in order to free up some shuttles. Just one of the many reasons a prefer bobbin shuttles is that they let you pull off excess thread and wind it back onto the ball or skein. All of the little excess bits of tatting will hopefully become part of a Christmas gift idea.

Jess had most of the second round of the Yes U Can doily done when she decided to switch to another colour. She's using size 40 Lizbeth Blue Ice, Lemon, and Rainbow Taffy. That's a lot of colour.

Diane has the floral motif round completed and she's onto the final round. So far it's looking gorgeous, but I might be a teeny bit prejudiced since it's in my favourite colour.

Fox has found that one Rosemary Peel design, deserves another since they're great for using up little bits of precious HDT. And 2 of Rosemary's designs need a third with lovely woven picots. Three pretty maids in a row.

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