Monday, October 03, 2011

Dragon, Leaves, Butterfly, Heart, Bookmarks, Doilies and Motifs

Stacy tatted this dragon as a bookmark for her not-really-a-nephew Joey. She wasn't sure about the beads, since it was intended as a bookmark, but it really needed them.
Mary fell in love with fall colors and decided to make a bigger maple leaf, so this one's a bookmark.
SunshineCraft tatted a little onion ring butterfly from Tatted Butterflies by Adelheid Dangela and discovered that sometimes onion rings are concentric rings and sometimes they are rings surrounded by chains. She tried it the first way and then read the instructions and did it with chains to get better results.

IsDihara shares Palmetto's tribute to Myrtle Hamilton along with a tatted heart by Terry McGuffin that was worked from one of Myrtle's patterns that had been modified to incorporate split rings.
Cindy is working on another "Flowers" bookmark from the Tatted Bookmarks book from Handy Hands.
Diane has the right number of rings with a bit of ripple in her Yes U Can doily. She's also been working on a doily by Nancy Tracy.

Fox is tatting her own shower of autumn leaves with Frivole's Maple Leaf Pattern tatted in Tatskool's HDT, and Karey Solomon's pattern tatted in Lizbeth #40, followed by Yarnplayer's terrific new Maple Leaf design. The she did a motif from a pattern in Priscilla Tatting Book No. 2 by Julia E. Sanders, 1915.

Martha's new book Playing With Picots is now available.

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