Friday, October 07, 2011

Heart, Ornaments, Edgings, Necklace, Earrings, Snowflake, Doily, Leaf and Motif

Stacy has 2 more of Jon's Heart o'Daisies done in Yarnplayer's HDT "Lava" in a size 20. She omitted the outer chain because it would make it too large for the project she has in mind.
Ginny has posted the projects she has done from her trip to Canada for the Fringe Element's Tat Days. She thinks this is the first time she has completed all the projects from a tatting event.

Heather is continuing her tatting tutorials showing a tatted rose in chains, Then showing the rows of tatting in a doily, and finishing with a daisy edging to tat.

Joy made another set of necklace/ earrings adapted from another simple edging pattern in Lizbeth size 20 and antiqued silver beads. She has another collaborative piece done with her friend; a lovely little container with a top covered in tatting.

Diane has been working steadily and now she has only 3 more motifs to complete before the last row of the Yes U Can doily, but it may get stalled for a while since she's just received Martha's new book.

Fox tatted Tammy Rodgers Maple Leaf Motif but began with a single ring rather than a cloverleaf and didn't realize it until she was about half way through. Since she didn't have enough of the lovely variegated threads to start again, she carefully thought her way through making it differently in order to come up with the same finished leaf. Beautifully done! The more techniques you learn, the more often you can cope with finding a different way to do the same thing. While her finger heals from her recent stab wound she tatted one small motif from Rosemary Peel's book.

Gina has just finished sewing the edging from the vintage pattern onto the pillowcase and has decided to make a hens and chick edging for the edge.

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Hi, Sharon,
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