Sunday, May 08, 2011

Motifs, Flowers, Earrings, Bookmarks and Heart

Stephanie Grace tatted the Anniversary Motif from Mary Konoir's Tatting with Visual Patterns in LizBeth size 20 #127 Butterfly Breeze and #614 Lemon Lt.

Magda in preparation for the upcoming show is tatting lots of small carnations with pearl centres mounted on hair pins.

Isabel tatted these Gypsy earrings that measure 14 cm long and found the tatting the split chains with balls a bit challenging.

Bev aka BJ has been busy. She tatted several of the Cross With a Story bookmark, 2 of which are pictured here. these were done in blue metallic and gold metallic with beads. She also completed the earrings that match the triangular necklace she is working on so that she could give them to Kirsten at the baby shower. She did the Blossom Bookmark from Kaye Judt’s book, A Little O’ This A Little O’ Tat because it was quick.

Fox tatted a motif from the Vintage Tatting & Crochet book using the last of Margaret's sample threads and a bright Lizbeth yellow. The directional thing gave her a few problems, but she persevered.

Gina was looking for something else when she found this heart pattern on Jon Yusoff's Pattern Pages which was designed in memory of Jon's mother. She meant to do the daisy picots, but the first one wouldn't come to the front like the others so she cut and frayed them.

Laura has another group of tatted designs to show. The first one with a bit of a celtic twist, another design that looks good in two colours, but she only shows the one. Another design uses Josephine knots, just because there aren't a lot of designs that use them. Another design that looks like it has flowers around the outside and the last one that is done in a single round.

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Jessica said...

An easy (well, easier) way to do a split ring with a ball instead of a second shuttle it to tat the second half as if you were doing a split chain, but you use the ball instead of a shuttle. It's a little fiddle-ly but not nearly as bad as tatting the stitches normally with the ball and it's nice if you don't have to tat very many split rings in a project. I use it a lot when the only split rings I have for a project are to climb out from one round to the next. Means that I don't need to cut the thread from the ball and won't run out of the ball thread.