Friday, May 13, 2011

Edgings, Bracelet and Bookmarks

Yesterday's post was delayed due to Blogger's maintenance, so here it is today.

Jessica has found a pattern in Priscilla Book #2 that she can't decide if she likes it or not. It looks like a good candidate for a belt, but she thinks it looks a bit chaotic.

Stephanie Grace started this bracelet a while ago and she decided it was time to finish it. The thread is Lizbeth Victorian Red and Black, both size 20 with some pearly white accent beads.

Cindy's Mom found this charming set in an antique store and it`s been embroidered and finished with a tatted edging done in very fine thread.

Fox remembered she had a book called Tatted Handkerchiefs and she likes border #9 with many Josephine Knots although she found she couldn`t use an Aero to tat them because the hook kept getting caught. She loves how it looks with the delica beads. Fox decided the edging on the sun dress needed to be attached on the top and bottom because she was worried about the Swarovski crystal. Now it`s secure.

Ingrid is three quarters of the way through her edging and has a hanky all picked out for it.

Marty tatted all these bookmarks from a modification of Jane Eborall's Butterfly Bookmark except the odd-one-out which is a modification of xstchntat's Flower Bookmark. The tails are mostly purl tatted with and the rainbow thread is size 30 CebeliĆ  that her sister dyed for her. Everything else is Lizbeth 20.

Sherry has just finished creating her newest pure silver shuttle that tats like a dream.

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