Friday, May 13, 2011

Black Cat, Edging, Shawl and Doily

Axa joins the challenge and in honour of Friday the 13th, here is Mark Myers black cat tatted in Anchor Artiste 20.

Julie added a row of single crochet to a hanky followed by a basic ring edging and topped this with Mary Konior's Asters in white and lavender which picks up the colour in the hanky. So far it's looking good.

Jessica has been working on a triangular shawl for a couple of years. She is making it in three sections and plans to join the different colours together with a band of white between them. That's a lot of tatting done, and a lot more to go.

Bree created this doily for her friend Roxy using a simple ring and chain motif to make a light, airy lace confection.

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