Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Edgings, Bookmarks, Surprises and Flowers

Anika finally blocked and attached the edging to the the purple hanky. She received a pink bookmark from Marie and a variegated one from Marty which was done in size 80 thread.

Gina's lace guild met Saturday and the program was LaRae Mikulecky's Celtic Bookmark. Her first attempt at this one was done years ago in size 5 perle cotton which was really too fat to be used as a bookmark. This one is done in size 20 and it's not much better, but it would make a pretty cuff or choker or decorative band.

Ingrid's blog is not accessible for some reason and if she can't get it fixed, she'll have to change her address.

Marty has received her exchange bookmarks. The top one (with the card and pretty tatted strawberry and bee) is from Tattabugg. It's Mary Konior's Black Magic made in size 80 black and a lovely bluish turquoise. The flower lattice bookmark in variegated pink, green and brown is from Anika. The last one is from Catriona and it's a stretched out "Stumpy" from a pattern by Kersti. She made it in size 10 Lizbeth Caribbean. Marty made bookmarks for other people and sent them on their way. The turquoise butterfly string is made from Lizbeth 20 "dark sea green" and "wildflower" from her own pattern. She made it without buttons which aren't good for books, but she likes it a lot, so she made another with the little tiny buttons in size 80 then she made a really, really long tail so none of the buttons have to actually be inside the book. The last one is also size 80 made of "Midnight Escape" variegated HDT her sister did and the pattern is from Edging Pattern No. 8902 in The Tatter's Treasure Chest edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep.

Mary has a new project on the go, but she's not telling what it is. The left over thread on her shuttles gets transformed into little flowers that she can send out as 'thank you' decorations for her customers.

Wanda got some work done on the heart bookmark. She's trying the second design out, finding out if the drawing can be tatted the way it is or if changes have to be made. With lots of practice you can tell just by looking at the drawing, but that's LOTS of practice.

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