Saturday, May 28, 2011

Motifs, Edging and Earrings

Anika had to see how her new threads looked so she took time from bigger projects to tat this motif. She has been experimenting with creating her own shuttles and after waiting for the epoxy to cure, she got to test one out.

Garyou bought the new Silk Lace Thread by Daikoku Shigyou at Japan Hobby Show and tatted this motif that she thinks is in a book by Fujito Teiko with it. The verdict is that she really likes it for tatting.

Julie found an embroidered dresser scarf with a tatted edging while browsing an antique store and it had to come home with her. Some injuries received while pruning roses have hampered the progress on her hanky, but it's still progress.

Diane chose to use Mary Konior's Clover design from Tatting with Visual Patterns in white for this hanky. Simply lovely!

Fox didn't get a lot of tatting done while she was away, but now that she's home she expects that the progress on this hanky will go much faster.

Mary has been wanting to make more tatted jewelry so she pulled out some deep raspberry wine color thread and started tatting away. Scrumptious!

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