Monday, January 03, 2011

Snowflakes, Motifs, Bookmark, Necklace and Doily

Gwen made some pumpkins using Sherry Matthews pattern in Lizbeth 695 size 20 and Manuela for leaves and stem but never got around to posting them. She has plans to include snowflakes in her Christmas cards next year and she's making an early start with these from Tatting for the Beginner by Nettie Shipp in Cebelia white size 30.

Ancolie has her 21st motif done and used it to create a Happy New Year design.

Diane tatted the Pretty Practical Tatted Bookmark by Linda S Davies to answer a question on InTatters using Lizbeth size 40 that she thinks might be color #116, but she's not sure because she lost the tag.

Lily tatted Marilee Rockley's Duchess pattern in Coats Camila (roughly size 10) in avocado green. She has a limited bead supply so she used a combination of beads and beads polished stone pieces for a very striking effect. A minor error has been repeated to become a design variation. I keep telling people, don't tell anyone it was a mistake and they'll never know.
Wendy tatted another of Jon's Merriment doily. This one is in Lizbeth size 20 in a variegated yellow and it looks totally different from the first one.

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