Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Belt, Motifs, TIAS, Bookmark and Snowflake

Jessica has decided to join us. She is working her way through the Priscilla tatting books not only trying them but also writing them up in more modern shorthand with her notes about what she did and what she would do differently. This insertion was tatted with size 3 thread and is destined to be a belt tied with a sash through the loops on the ends.

Stephanie Grace has been trying this one pattern over and over again and the wretched thing has a mind of it's own.
Isabel has posted her test piece and her first days tatting for TIAS and she's hoping the colours she has chose will work with whatever it is that Jane has planned.

Wanda's design was tatted by Umi & Tsuru who did it with really long picots and then again with shorter picots. Fox also tatted her design in vibrant red, which was coincidentally the colour that she used to tat Fox's design. Then Wanda tatted a bookmark from Advanced Tatting Patterns by Judi Banashek in Lizbeth #142 size 20.

Fox tatted Phaedra from my Tatted Flurries and now she's wondering what to tackle next although what she ought to be doing is drawing her own Abigail pattern for her homework.

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