Sunday, January 16, 2011

Edging, Motifs, Necklaces, Heart, Flowers, Doily and Bookmarks

Isa created this pendant design with real silk thread, #15 in the centre and pale pink cotton size 10 for the chains. The other motif in progress, destined to edge a doll dress, is from a Lynn Morton book and it's being worked with some thread from a friend in Australia and some beads on the joining picots.

Jessica is continuing with her Priscilla project and has tatted another of the vine shaped ring and chain edging that she calls a left motif bracelet.
Bree started Angels in the Snow in jellybean and hot pink, but inattention caused it to falter, so she started again in light pink and mocha. Holiday Stumpy, was one of two holiday bookmarks she did using Christmas red and green Lizbeth size 20, little silver size 12 beads,. The second is made with Lizbeth size 20 in a sage green colour that has iridescent red size 11 beads. The next edging she did in in a hot pink size 10 Aunt Lydia cotton but she doesn't like how it turned out in such a large thread and thinks the design would better suit a finer thread. The heart is something she thought she would try in size 20 Lizbeth but it didn't quite come out as planned, so she thinks she'll try it again. The light blue butterfly, and the flower, color 134, both Lizbeth size 20 will be added to a watercoloured card. The little bookmark is a simple one, with white beads in the tail is part of an inside out challenge and she also has one with the colours reversed. The last motif is another shuttle shape in lime green, Lizbeth size 20, with size 12 bronze beads in the center which she plans on keeping, she just has to find something to wear with it.


Stephanie Grace finished the Small Round #11 from Annie's Attic Ultimate Book of Tatted Doilies in DMC Cebelia 712, size 30 and not as spiderweb looking as she thought it was going to be.
Kat tatted a small flower of just rings and chains to give a bit of color to a white sweater worn by the wee one for the wedding and used Jane's small button flowers for her hair. The tatted name was especially appreciated by the groom.

Ann has done a test tat of another of Fox's new designs and she chose a vivid flower pink and red to test the motif.

IsDihara test tatted Wanda's Elcie in size 20 Lizbeth #651 Blue Medium, #652 Royal Blue and Flora #238 Navy Blue for another successful motif.

Bonnie created this lovely flower making rings with increasing numbers of stitches and added it to a card with a green paper stem and leaf. She was very disappointed with some comments from a recent exchange she participated in as the recipient had no appreciation at all for the effort that went into it.
Cindy made the Tatted Heart pattern from the new Handy Hands catalog in light pink/mauve perle cotton size 12 and it's just the right size to fit on her new tatting bag.

Fox in addition to her Abigail design has another design called, Maeve, off the shuttles. This one has been test tatted by both Ann in pink and red, and by Mary in yellow and orange with a variegated border, for 2 totally different looks. Now she needs to get the pattern drawn out and things are starting to come together there also.
Lily had a slight issue with the pendant she was working on to match the earrings, but rather than fix it she was tempted off in another direction. She had been wondering if Barbara Foster's teardrop pattern was something that could be used around an eye and of course the only way to know for sure is to tat it. So here is the mask Royal Mistress with it's partially completed tie that she created in a Royal colour with accenting Swarovski crystals.

Mica tatted the 22 day of December from Bjørn's 24 Snowflakes in Tatting using 1 strand DMC metallic floss, but she tatted the spiral chains double the length called for to create this 3D effect.
Vinnie surrounded a faceted stone with red tatted rings covered in ruby red beads to make a lovely flower suspended on a green beaded chain that springs from matching red buds. to make one awesome necklace.

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