Monday, January 17, 2011

Heart, Earrings, Motifs, Bookmarks, TIAS, Butterflies and Bell

Administrative Note

Quite a few of the blogs have had no new tatting content in months. Whether that's been because of sickness, computer problems, or lack of interest, it means time spent visiting blogs with nothing new. Some people tat a dozen pieces and update only once or twice a year but with most people, no new content means they have lost interest, so on the next update I will be removing the links to blogs where there has been no new tatting in months. If you have been commenting about illness, long trips, computer issues, missing camera, or anything that explains the lack of tatting you won't be removed. If you are removed and start tatting again, let me know and I'll add you back on.

Dale Marie has had a year of upheaval, but she finally got a chance to pick up she shuttles again and completed Danish Heart from Tatting With Friends, by Georgia Seitz in Lizbeth size 20 colors 623 Lt Raspberry, and 644 Boysenberry which she plans to have framed and matted as a Valentine's gift for her hubby.

Isa designed this pair of earrings done in synthetic silk (rayon?). This broach was made with the same thread and has a real jade pearl in the centre.

Jessica made the larger of the two motifs in the Star doily from the Priscilla book in size 10 thread but size 3 would probably be better for a coaster.

BevM tatted another 1/12th scale design called Starlight in size 100 thread and it's about the size of an Australian 5 cent piece.

Stephanie Grace tatted the Easy Bookmark pattern from Learn to Tat by Janette Baker in Caribbean Waters and Hosta Leaves HDT both size 30 from LadyDustyRose.

Tatteristic made Roger aka Freedman's Easy Bookmark with Butterfly Top from the Needle Tatting Proboard Forum using Lizbeth #20 thread in the color called Confetti (#105).

Ann has her first and second days of TIAS done.

Linda received a beautiful pop-a-bobbin shuttle in Cocobolo Rosewood filled with lime green thread that she used to tat one of the ground patterns from the Antique Pattern Library and a second one in Cedar with filled with Wildflower that she used to tat a butterfly pattern from Handy Hands. The pattern for the bookmark/edging is Spring Flowers by Julie Patterson. The purple "What is it" is her Day 2 of Jane Eborall's TIAS.

Carol has also tatted Jane's TIAS and she's wondering if it might be an opossum.

Fox is proud to share the pattern for her Abigail pattern.
Martha has received a mysterious package with a lot of goodies including one of Jane's lovely magnetic butterfly bookmarks.

Mica made the 3D bell from from Rebecca Jones' book The Complete Book of Tatting in DMC special dentelles 80 in white.
Sherry had a hard time photographing these Mini Tats motifs tatted with glow in the dark thread made for her Christmas tree. The thread was about the size of 80 or 100. This Mini Tat was made using Faeries HDT in silk.

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Tattingrid said...

Have been knitting more than tatting last month, but please do not remove me. Sorry for the inconvenience of having you go through my blog when there is no tatting to show, but I'll get back to tatting soon... Maybe we should limit ourselves to just show tatting? Ingrid