Thursday, January 20, 2011

Motifs, Snowflakes, Bookmarks, TIAS, Doily and Earrings

Isa tatted a Celtic Snowflake, from the book by Rozella F. Linden, Celtic Knots. Done with a shuttle and ball in Lizbeth size 20 and two beads pearls in the final work.

Mary tatted the Spring Flowers bookmark by Julie Patterson using size 20 Lizbeth # 153 for the flowers and # 658 for the stem. Very pretty. Then she used Jane Eborall's new edging, Fandango, and turned it into a bookmark in size 20 Lizbeth colours # 156 & 615.

Corina has her TIAS done but still no clue as to what she is tatting.
Ancolie tatted this little mat in DMC fil dentelle 80, but it's not really little.
Katherinne has almost completed the Flower Bookmark/Edging, by Sabrina Carden-Madden and since she mastered split chains she did the Tardis bookmark by Anne Bruvold. Then she went on to do some Iris Niebach earrings, but she thinks she might have missed something.

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Jeff Hamilton said...

I don't want to nitpick, but you may want to double check Ninetta's photos. Both of the ones you are showing are from her favourites. I recognize the "Unfolding Heart" as Yarnplayer's newest creation.