Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snowflakes, Ornaments, Edging, Flower, Butterfly and Motifs

Claudia took a break from tatting for a while, but now she is back with lots of Christmas tatting beginning with the two colour snowflake Anne Bruvold shared with the online class which was also done in 3 colours by the Spanish class. This was followed up by a pattern from Nancy Tracy done in DMC variegated perle cotton thread size 8 in green with added beads in gold and red colour to be used on a Christmas card. She also made a bell and a little wreath to go on cards. The thread is DMC size 8 perle cotton in red. The white thimble cover is her own design in DMC size 8 perle cotton in white. The red and green wreath ornament has some added Josephine knots to give it a little extra detail.

Magda has tatted some Christmas card decorations using gold and Red thread with a shiny silver filament and plain white. Each has been decorated with differently with beads or bows or feathers.

Kat is trying to tat a B but the first one looked like a D and the next looked like an 8, so she's off to tat some critters and think about a different way to tat a B.

Sunshinecraft tatted this vintage butterfly from Heidi Nakayama's site intending on putting it on her craft bag, but when the little miss spied it she asked for the pretty butterfly on her dress.

Linda has a CQ card embellished with tatting for a special friend.

Fox tatted Mary Konior's Posy in dark green Mercer #40 with tiny red Miyuki beads in red and she received a darling motif with spectacular clunies fro Tatting Marie.

Ingrid wants to know if these are snowbuttons, or buttonflakes? Orsi shared a snowflake pattern with us and Ingrid used a button base instead of a central ring because she found it easier. Either way, they are very pretty.

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