Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bookmarks, Doily, Earrings, Flower, Motifs, Snowflakes, Edging, Bunny and Apple

Marta made two pendants both in hoops. The first one she found on Carli's blog and the second pattern is written by Lyn Morton, both with beads.

Kat was having trouble with a big B so she settled for a little b tatted in Lizbeth size 20 in navy blue, and a big A in Lizbeth size 20 harvest orange medium, along with a bunny from Mark Myers in Lizbeth size 20 white. She need something to go along with A and Mark's apple done in Lizbeth size 20 leaf green medium and Christmas red was perfect.

Sharon tatted Anitra Stone's Tatted Dream Snowflake taught at Palmetto 2010 and after a bit of practice she tatted this one without having to stop and undo or worse, stop and cut out. Practice is a wonderful thing. Without it, none of us improve.
Sunshinecraft was in the middle of tatting the second window picture from the Burda tatting book in DMC Cebelia 30 when she had to get out of the car. She was at the juncture of adding new thread and consequently had 3 shuttles attached to the work and she lost it all when it fell out and got left behind. When her choices were to sit and cry or go shuttle shopping, you know which one won out. See the pretty Clovers?

Wanda's has a long list of unfinished tatting to be done for Christmas like this delicate bookmark, but she still had time for a parody of The Night Before Christmas.
Ancolie tatted a doily design by Teiko Fujiko using DMC perle cotton thread size 12 and found it quite challenging, but oh, so pretty.
Fox had just enough Tatskool's Chocolime thread left to tat a Myra Piper motif. Then she trudged on through the grunt work of designing, namely writing out her pattern.
Ingrid has jumped into her second round of the challenge with her 3rd entry, with Clover, an edging by Mary Konior from her book Tatting with Visual Patterns. It's done in Durable crotchet cotton.
Lily challenged herself to tat Miranda's Angels in the Snow, in 3 colours with 3 shuttles, in Lizbeth #20 Antique Violet med, Lizbeth #20 Boysenberry dk, and Camila by Coats in Cobalt blue for a wonderful effect.
Sherry created an adorable tatted Santa hat gift tag and has graciously shared the pattern.

Sue was going through her notes and realized that the black earrings she did for her MIL should have been blue. So she's found anew home for the black ones and re-did them in blue and put them in an origami box. Hubby was feeling left out, so she made him Mary Konior's Large Cross in size 10 Navy thread. Now he wants a tablecloth. (Should she be thrilled that he likes her tatting so much? Or daunted by endless hours of repetitive lacemaking?)

Tats made the Small Cross from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns along with some butterfly earrings from Janette Bakers "Learn to Tat" book as a request from a family member.
Wally used the dendrobium pattern from Toni Storer's book of orchids to make the flower for this headband.


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