Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowflakes, Candy Cane, Spider, Necklaces, Fan, Motifs, Edgings and Flower

Claudia tatted another of Terry Nimer´s spiders, this one with a bead in the centre. Another snowflake in white and a candy cane in two colours, red and white, both DMC size 8 perle cotton.

Mary saw Miranda's pretty Angels in the Snow and had to tat one of her own which she did in a colour combo she thought would work, but now she's not sure about it. I think it looks lovely. Then she did Samantha Melnychuk's butterfly snowflake which worked out very well.

Orsi is making hand made cards using hand made paper and tatted snowflakes for Christmas. She had plans to tat a tablecloth for her Christmas table, but doesn't think she'll have the time, but she did make these two necklaces that will be gifts.

Sunshinecraft has finished an awesome Teri Dusenbury design of a tatted fan which is lovely enough to be framed.

Linda has made some lovely CQ postcards embellished with tatting which will be birthday cards for some special people.

Fox tatted up this pattern that Suneeti sent her in Altin Basak thread. Her own design tatted Tatskool's Chocolime in size 40 and some thread she received from the thread exchange that she wanted to try, was made difficult because the exchange thread turned out to be larger and added to the challenge.

Kathy shows us yet another interesting way to use tatting. This segment of an edging from Ann Orr's Classic Tatting was tatted in gold metallic thread from DMC, mounted on a pin backing that had been covered in velvet ribbon and rhinestones were then glued in place. The whole thing was then pinned over an ecru edging that had been formed into an oval, to make a marvellous Christmas brooch.
Laura has started another challenge she and she is auditioning a number of designs to find one that she would like for this purpose.

Lily re-tatted the yellow design with inverted colours and now has both motifs ready to be sewn down on their respective headbands.

Sherry has finally finished some tatting for the baby in her own HDT colourway in size 20 silk.
Wally has created a lovely headband with a tatted hibiscus, an original design, complete with calyx and leaf.

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