Monday, October 11, 2010

Earrings, Flowers, Motifs, Doily, Bookmark and Seahorse Dragon

Ingrid has tatted her first set of earrings from a pattern by Eileen Stafford, using white Durable cotton and the beads.

Lily has tatted another Old Tulip pattern and she has discovered each time she does it she finds where she can make improvements or use better materials.
Corina was at her local lacemakers meeting and spent more time talking than tatting but she still managed to finish one small motif and get another started.
Diane has tatted quite a bit, she has 2 Stumpy bookmarks done, but only one is to her satisfaction. She's working on her clover doily and her Dragon Wing Doily is at a stand-still.

Fox is thrilled that she was able to complete Jane's Flowery SCMR Bookmark in Yarnplayer's brilliant 'Soft Pansy' HDT size 20.

Laura shows off her tatting with the ribbon she won for it.

Wendy tatted Anne's Seahorse Dragon in a size 20 variegated thread by Lizbeth.

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Teresa said...

Everything is lovely but I especially like all the pieces done in variegated threads. I have to start working with them more often!