Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bookmark, Doily, Dragon, Motifs, Snowflake and Flower Earrings

Karen used a small flower pattern from Lyn Morton's book and added some ceramic flowers to make these earrings. Then she tried for a dimensional look to a small tatted motif using Mod Podge, but it wasn't what she had envisioned.

Marta thought she'd try something different, and mounted these flat beads in tatting. She also did a bookmark as a gift.

Patrycja is back to tatting and blogging and her first motif is Mary Konior's start Flowerpiece in Lizbeth size 20.
Carolyn made Tatters Round Robin for Beginners by Georgia Seitz in Flora size 20 color 100 which is a quick and easy design that works well for ATCs.

Cindy is starting her second round of the challenge with Snowflake #2 from Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments edited by Barbara Foster done in white Cebelia size 20.

Wanda was challenged to turn Pumpkins on a Vine by Heidi Sunday into a bookmark and she says it's definitely one of a kind.

BSOTF shows us a picture of the first pattern she made up a few years ago, for a tatted angel.

Diane has been frustrated with reading patterns, and went back to the
Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting With Visual Patterns by Mary Konior using Lizbeth thread size 40 in color #128 to help her get back on track.

Fox has another dragon completed. This one is in a lovely bronze thread that Suneeti sent her.
Martha tried out Jane's instructions for tatting a floating chain while making this little arachnid.

Sue has added more triangles to her motif and she now has a hexagon.

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Teresa said...

As always here, lots of pretty things to look at and dream about making.

I put a couple pieces of tatting on my blog- I am TRYING to get back on the wagon for the challenge.