Friday, October 08, 2010

Bookmarks, Motifs, Edging, Earrings, Doily and Snail

Yvonne has been tatting lots of little flowers to empty shuttles.

Hattalahutta tatted Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns, except that she deviated a little from the pattern as written and didn't notice it until it was almost done. It's still a very pretty doily done in Idena Dixi that is somewhere between size 10 and 20.

Ingrid tatted Kelly Luljak's clover bookmark the thread is a Goldmann polyester thread that worked up quite nicely. The design was quite easy to do and it made quite a long bookmark.

Tattips just finished off two pair of earrings and put them in her Etsy shop. The first pair called the Small Leaf pattern earrings were tatted in Lizbeth lime green size 20 lime green with lots of Miyuki beads in yellow and two cloisonne beads in the centres. The second pair are called Divya and were tatted in Hakelgarn size 20 with silver beads.

Katherinne was waiting while her sister took an exam and tatted this pattern #50 from A New Twist on Tatting which she plans on using as a hat band on her flapper style hat.

BSOTF shows us some patterns she came up with a while ago including a flower and some crosses and she points out that the motifs and edgings were actually done in yarn.

Fox has used some left over thread and doodled a little but it looks like her mind is stuck on Lupins. Jane's Flowery SCMR bookmark is still growing.

Sherry is celebrating passing the 36 week mark and saying good-bye to the high risk pregnancy category with a new pink and green colourway in silk called Piccadilly. She received a thoughtful "Shower in a box from Diane which included a pink onesie with a tatted snail that will be going to the hospital for the baby's debut.

Shirl is tatting with a new shuttle she created from a recycled vinyl record and she has listed some in her shop

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Teresa said...

Lots of not-so-ordinary uses for tatting in this post! I love seeing the great ideas for using beautiful tatting!