Monday, February 09, 2009

Hearts, Flowers and Creatures

Chiara from Italy joins the challenge with these lovely floral pins of 3D roses using Jeanne Lugert's pattern and DMC variegated Perle cotton 8 with a Swarovski crystal in the centre and her own leaves.

Laura has tatted Jon's "Quantiesque Snowflake" as her first entry to the 25 motif challenge. Very nice start Laura.

Krystle has finished 5 out of 6 parts of a doily she is working on. She is treating it as a learning piece as she is practicing the magic thread trick and retro tatting rings.

Charlotte has tatted Betsy Evan's Small Tatted Heart, a pattern she found on the web. It is tatted in Ancora Prestige size 16.

Kelly has tatted motifs 12, 13 and 14 a ladybug, teddy bear and a heart she is also hoping for a early spring.

Angie had little time for tatting this weekend but she managed to tat a microdragon to practice her SSSR's.
Wanda was to tired to tat so she shows a picture of a project that she and her sister did a while ago which includes tatting.

Anne has a new camera and she uses it to show a sample of a pattern for today's online class.

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