Saturday, February 14, 2009

Butterflies,Snowflakes, and lots of Hearts

This was the first piece Chiara did when she learned to tat and it was shown to her by an old lady, then she discovered this pattern appears in "IL LAVORO CHIACCHIERINO (FRIVOLITE')" edited by Mani di fata (Italy) in 1934 when she bought the book on ebay. For Valentine's day she shows rabbits in love sporting a pattern by Jeanne Lugert. The thread is DMC mouline Jewel effects in red and bright green.Since we're on the topic of love, this wedding card was tatted 2 years ago for her husband cousin's wedding. The 2 mice are cross stitched and the heart's border is tatted with white DMC size 50. The heart bookmark is a pattern by Edda Guastalla done in DMC perle cotton 8. The matryoshka pincushion has a block tatted heart without the block tatting since Chiara modified it because she is not good at block tatting. It's made with DMC Babylo thread size 12.
Linda purchased some wood forms from Hobby Lobby and embellished them with tatting. A frog with a red "Heart A-Fire" by Roger aka Freedman for her grandson and A Valentine Heart for her granddaughter bordered with dimpled hearts and chains and a heart Gem in the center. Linda tatted easy hearts everyday in January shown here with a picture of her dogs, and she looks forward to working on some more difficult patterns.
Krystle needed a break from the doily, so she thought she'd try something in DMC 80 just to see what it was like and now she sees the attraction for the fine threads. Her second venture into tiny is a part of a doily that she thinks she'll save for her daughter's dollhouse. And finally, here is Anne's lovely doily that she'll have to find a safe place for. This sunny motif pattern is (Mardi-gras) by Patti Dowden which Krystle did to work on my SSSR's. Look at how well the colour shading worked on this one. Betsy Evans' small tatted heart was a perfect choice for Valentine's day.
Charlotte used "Icicle" HDT from Sherry to tat the Ribbon Floss Snowflake from Vida Sunderman's "Tatted Snowflakes".
Christine reveals the Valentine tea towel she did for the exchange.
Jill used size 8 DMC in pink and brown for this piece which can be found in "Tatting Collage", called the "Tattered" Heart.
Angie Tatted this piece from the 1912 Emmanual Bocher Tatting Book which the online class is working from. The second version of the Large Star of Four Points has been done in 2 colours and Angie plans to tat it again doing front side back side tatting. Vinnie's patients have been the lucky recipients of these little hearts made with a shuttle and ball. Another little heart made with a single shuttle using SSSRs, and a one shuttle heart with a tiny motif in the centre and finally a little one ring heart.
Ancolie is tatting a pattern from Beginning New Patterns from Judith Connors, she thinks it looks like flower bouquets.
Wanda is too busy tatting baby booties to stop and take pictures.
Kathy used a published fan pattern to create a 3D heart shape. Teri Dusenbury's Regal Heart from “Tatting Hearts” has been pinned to the padded top of a favorite burgundy velvet heart box for display. The pattern by Kim Goetz, which appeared in “Victorian Hearts and Flowers” makes a lovely pendant. It was tatted in both DMC’s perle cotton size 8 (color 498) and DMC’s gold thread on a spool, which makes a smaller heart. The red one is only an inch high.
TattingChic shares her T-shirt embellished with tatted hearts tatted from a Workbasket pattern and notes that the glue used to attach the hearts has turned yellow. One good reason to sew rather than glue tatting.
Bonnie tatted Jon's Quantiesque Snowflake using Pamela's size 20 Rainbow Bright HDT. They are done with the 2nd round made from the solid yellow and the solid red HDTs from Pamela's Rainbow Bright HDT, this way the colors match perfectly.
Alan tatted "Denise's Bracelet" by Debbie Strickland. This and the matching earrings were made for his wife using Manuela black #20 with lots and lots of swarovski crystals.
Anne has added some videos on her tatting site all in Norwegian at the moment.
Arlene has been busy spinning and knitting and of course tatting, as you can see prom these pictures. She also has another podcast up.
Carol has been tatting from Heather's book "Motifs A Many" using Heather's own HDT.
It looks like Heather is going to be tying a different kind of knot, again.
Wally tatted this pattern is from a booklet called "Maravillas en Frivolite 1". The thread is DMC Petra #8 and black glass seed beads. Read all about her accident with a vial of glycerin. The butterfly pattern is from Bina Madden on her web site done in very bright yellow Olympus #40 thread. Another little cutie from a Russian book, the body of the butterfly is a SCMR made with the rest of the yellow Olympus in the shuttle and the pink is El Beida #8 in baby pink.

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