Thursday, February 05, 2009

Edgings, motifs, earrings, bookmarks and more

Angie's trying out an antique edging. I think it's lovely and looks like butterflies.

Ancolie has done little size 80 motifs and has called them Bagatelles.

Neophyte's done lovely little bell earrings with the Yarnplayer pattern which can be found here.

Claudia's taking part in the Spanish Tatting Challenge for original patterns. I especially love the one with the crossed picots.

Nita's been practising dimpled rings and tatted a motif from Minitats with #20 Cebelia.

Ellen shows us the bag she did up for Usha in the Bag exhcnage. I'm so jealous. She has also done a bookmark from her paperclip heart. She also had a new book to add to her tatting library. If you are one for flowers, pay a visit to Ellen's blog as she tells us about the Sentosa Flower Exhibition.

Terry's been making lovely bookmarks just like Jane. Lovely they are.

BJ made the deadline for the tatting towel valentines exchange and she tells us about her experience during Superbowl.

Diane's used the last round of the Daffodil Doiley from Learn to tat as an edging. It looks gorgeous. Nice work.

Margaret couldn't sleep and decided to tat a small flower from Sharon's book.

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