Monday, May 05, 2008

Samples of Tatting

Anne tatted this doily in Flora 10, a thicker thread than she likes using. The pattern is from Jan Stawasz’s book Tatting theory and patterns.
Sapna posted the link to Kersti's bookmark she was working on.She was trying out one of Iris' patterns that needs a little concentration and lost track at one point and she doesn't think it looks as good as it might have. Now Sapna wants to start on a square doily and she's not sure where to begin.Anyone have any pointers? Some of the pattern books and shuttles she ordered have arrived, others that she ordered in October still haven't come.
Iris had many tatters test her patterns and she has posted some of them for us to see.
Shay has posted a picture of a vintage tatting pattern set in a checkerboard with fabric squares and surrounded with hens and chicks.
Joy just had to tat a snowflake since they have been having the unseasonable stuff floating down. This one from Tatting Patterns by the staff of Workbasket magazine is done in size 20 thread.
Carol L has tatted Pam Palmer's Partridge in a Pear again this time using Marilee's "Golden Fleece" for the pear. It's mounted on scrapbooking paper with gold paper trim punched in decorative corners. Absolutely gorgeous.
Ellen's Lucky Sequin Clover bookmark is made with some heart shaped sequins and will be available on Janes Eborall's web site soon.
Ais tatted this Mary Konior design again. The first was a bookmark but this one is a motif.
Diane has the crosses finished for her Mom
Pamela has apple blossom thread.
Clyde's doily is growing.
I have posted a beginner's pattern and given permission for tatting teachers to use and distribute it.
Marilee has Nectarine and Tourmaline ready.
Laura is tatting in Hand Dyed Threads again.
Marty has "Fantasia" done and some tatted jewellery for her sister.
Kathy has tatted the letter "H".
Gina tats a daffodil.


Zarina said...

it all started as challenge but it has involved into something bigger. for me, it was an inspiration to tat and also to help me out of the current rut I am facing.

thanks for the big effort in updating the blog.

TattingChic said...

Great eye candy, once again.