Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scrunchie, Heart, Christmas and Tatting Together

Eva's tatting group is concentrating on their lace. Tatting get togethers meant food, fun and frivolite in any language.Anne has posted "En liten nuperellebrikke". Kate has found life too busy for tatting much but she did get these done for Christmas gifting and exchanges and finally had time to show us pictures of them. The first is Ben Fikkert's leaves flake made with 2 strands of quilting thread. Then there is Teri Deusenbury's Snowburst and finally Lenore English's angel pattern.
Margaret tatted Mark's Tatty Turtle for the round robin. She did want to tat some mice, but couldn't find a pattern for one. Joy has had another one of those delightful accidents that turned an uh-oh mistake into an Wow ornament. It was planned all along we knew it.
Ellen is working on the TIAS Day 2.
Tattingchic has joined the challenge. She began by tatting the Wheel of Fortune Heart designed by Teri Dusenbury and tatted in Yummy Grapefruit and Seaweed HDT. Her second entry is a scrunchie in size 20 thread although the original pattern called for size 10.
Clyde has been working on a very large doily ran out of Yarnplayer's Fern size 80 HDT. If anyone has some in their stash please get in touch with him.
Jon has step by step tutorials up on making a split ring and making a mock ring.
Marty is working on the latest TIAS.
Sherry has the "Heart Attack" edging posited with pattern. Then she went a little dimpled ring crazy with the next motif.

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Yay!!!I'm IN...I'm IN!!!! YAY!!! Thank you, Sharon...hugs to you. :)