Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sea Horse, Bookmarks and Dimpled Yorkies

Between medical problems and planning for some showers Tami had to take some tatting time to make Jane's seahorse.
Bev received her Brown Rose HDT including a sample bookmark tatted by Marilee.
Barbara tatted this heart from Rosemary Peel's web site in Manuela size 20 thread.
Carol L. received a Leprechaun from Pamela and she has named him William. It seems that William loves tatting.
Ellen has received her GR8 shuttles and tried them out using some of Sherry's HDT on a pattern from one of the Japanese tatting books. Lovely shuttles and beautiful tatting. She has also handwritten the instructions for her Heart Destiny which is on her blog. Look for the pattern or a simple bookmark next.
Ais has been have a terrible time tatting. None of the patterns want to co-operate, or maybe it's the thread that won't co-operate. Black Magic bit the dust and then the Tudor Rose gave her a headache. Ummm Ais? Did anyone ever tell you shuttle throwing out to be an Olympic event? We've all had moments when we'd like to pitch our tatting in the garbage, but we keep at it and eventually we have beautiful lace. Mistakes are always gook for embellishing CQ blocks, and covering bags, or some tatters have a "boo boo bear" for keeping all of those bits that aren't quite right.
Zarina received this lovely bookmark from Jon. Zarina tatted the Floral bookmark in Fuchsia the other bookmarks are the Sweetheart pattern. She has found that the ceramic shuttles hold a lot of thread. She tatted all three of these bookmarks in Coffee and Cream size 20 and the shuttle wasn't even fully loaded.Then she switched from HDT to some left over crochet thread and tatted 3 more bookmarks, Birgit's Suncatcher, Sweetheart and Peacock Heart. The Pink bookmarks are a Fan bookmark, Birgit's Butterfly, Sweetheart and Li'l Heart.
Diane has been working on "Beatrice" by Iris Niebach.
Arlene has a new podcast ready.
Jon finished work on the Anne Orr square and she has mailed it to someone for a surprise.
Marilee has sets of solid colours to blend with Rhubarb Pie.
Laura has completed another starfish in Sulky size 12 thread.
Melissa tatted Irene Woo's Butterfly Heart as a birthday present.
Sherry has dimpled rings and a dimpled "Yorkie".
Gina has links for lots of How To Tat resources and the May mystery tat has been revealed.

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Unknown said...

Loving the eye candy...this is making me want to join the 25 motif do I sign up...Do I email photos to you, SHaron, or do I just say I'm going to do it? What's the deal?