Monday, May 12, 2008

Angels, Leaves, Bookmarks and Hearts

Elizabeth had an awesome show with visits from other tatters that were the "frosting on the cake". One of the items she had for sale and taken by another tatter, was this romantic pin called "Flora Victoria". Bev's blog is filled with angel wings, a tatter's group hug to remind her that she's not alone in her sorrow. She was thrilled to see that her daughter won 3 awards at the WNMU Studen's Art Show Opening Reception. Bev has started the challenge over again with "Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf", leaf motif designs by Karey Solomon. Dimensional Dutch Iris Designer Marie Smith created this beauty that Bev tatted in yellow and blue. The Oak leaf and acorn also from Karey's book were tatted with size 12 Valdani.
Jeff received a pretty bookmark from Karin in an exchange. The bookmark is Karin's own design done in Coats Eldorado size 10 colour # 4288. Jeff is working on this piece but he isn't sharing what the finished project will be.

Aileen is stocking up on threads of all kinds which should give her lots of tatting options.

Barbara tatted this motif from a book called "TATTING DIMPLED RINGS" in Manuela, Country Blue 021, size 20 thread. Dimpled rings can be a bit of a challenge especially if you tat tightly.

Joy was working on a small motif while visiting with her niece in the hospital. The motif doesn't lay flat, but with the addition of a handle, it now makes a perfect little basket. Joy doesn't think she's a designer, but that's how a lot of designs are born, you just have to think outside the box. The pink edging was a little too heavy so Joy tried another variation. This one is much more delicate. Any thoughts as to a corner treatment?

Carol L. used Marilee's HDT "Nectarine" to tat this delicate little heart designed by Sandra.
Ellen's Lucky Sequin Clover pattern is now up on Jane's website under Guest Designers.

Ais has been stuck in a rut trying to work with finer thread than she is accustomed to and has had to cut it off and start again 3 times. We've all been there, done that and it isn't fun. It sounds like it's time to put that project down and try something different for a while.

Zarina has just received her shuttles and thread from Sherry and she is eager to get to work with them. Sherry's HDT thread colour Marina, is a gorgeous blend in colours.

I know I said I wouldn't do anything more than a link to the pages of people who have completed the challenge, but I couldn't resist!

Diane has finished the "Forget me not" edging.
Pamela has "Pumpkin Juice" in heart and starfish.
Jon has both a bookmark and an elaborate motif to show.
Snowy has square motives and booties in black.
Marilee has "Rhubarb Pie".
Laura has starfish patterns.
Marty is tatting in pink and green.
Melissa has tatted initials and a heart for her CQ Bible Handbag and the black edging is completed.
Sherry has made the move to Korea and shows some tatted angels and dimpled rings.
Gina has lots of interesting items including the May mystery motif.

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