Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Snowflakes, Butterflies, Ladybugs and Hearts

Sylvia is working on an enormous 17 inch star made up of triangular motives like the six shown here. I love little bits that can be worked together creating pattern within pattern.
Iris has been showing us a glimpse of some of the tatted jewelry that will be in her book. Isn't this brooch beautiful?
Jeff tatted Romance from "A Tatting Adventure" by Ben Fikkert in DMC Cordonnet size 40. He liked it so much he tatted it again using Marilee's hand dyed "Tiger Eye" in size 50. Nancy Tracy's Ladybug is done in Coats thread in a size 20 for the black and Flora size 20 for the red. Jeff used slightly larger magnetic Hematite beads, which caused the wings to close up like a real lady bug and needed slightly longer chains to accommodate them.
Aileen gives us a virtual tour of her tatting box which includes a few WIPs. She has received her exchange package and shows us the lovely items she received including a card decorated with an edging and scattered little hearts and inside was a beautiful beaded heart. Her exchange card was decorated with Teri Dusenbury's Natalie's Heart in 20 Manuela, Mark Myer's small butterfly heart also in 20 Manuela, Sherry Pence's Valentine's Day Gift Tag in 20 Coats as well as Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts in 20 Opera Coats. Aileen's card for her boyfriend includes "Fernanda" the stork holding a heart. Aaaaaaww isn't that cute?
C4G finished the Star of David pattern and mounted it in a hoop. The angel and leaves pattern is curving on her so it's sitting in time out. She started needle tatting the floral bookmark she saw on etatters but decided that shuttle tatting with tow colours was less aggravating. She's using Classic crochet thread in black and Omega thread in antique gold/yellow. Pretty.
Bonnie tatted "Celtic Flower" from Ruth's Celtic Tatting book using Marilee's "Peace" thread, she found the instructions weren't clear, but if she had looked at the picture she would have understood immediately. Tatters love pictures to go with their work it helps to explain so much.
Mortaine used a drop spindle to spin this silk thread that she tatted into this pretty medallion. I love the colour and shine on this stuff, it's gorgeous. The motif looks like it needs some blocking to make it shape up.

Gina is still tatting the motives from "Tatting for Beginners" and she continues to find errors in the patterns. At the same time she is modifying them as she tats them by climbing from one round to the next. Motif 8 had some picots missing, but it did give the length for the long picots required. 9 worked out beautifully but she did modify it by using a split ring split chain combination. Gina has her documentation ready for Hector. Check out her blog to see the project she is working on as well as an edging and medallion from an August Needlecraft magazine.
Jon has been working on a snowflake and she shows us her progression of tatting. Jon explains what she was aiming for and why these designs weren't right and what she did to fix the problem.

Marilee gives us a sneak peak of what's going to be in her book. It looks intriguing. She's also including information on how to add beads to the work. So the book will be a good resource as well as a collection of patterns.
Laura has a book drawing for Teri Dusenbury's book "Tatting Butterflies" Go to her blog and reply to the post to be entered in the drawing.

Marty tatted Sherry's butterfly "Seven". The pattern called for using 2 colours, one for rings and another for chains but Marty just used a variegated purple thread for hers. It still came out looking beautiful. The antennae knots wouldn't co-operate though.

Sherry tatted Mary Konior's "Large Cross" in her Sunset clouds hand dyed thread.Her newest thread colour is Tulips.
Kathy got a surprise package over the weekend, some swatches of thread so that she could identify a sample she wasn't sure of. It's King Tut, Color 973, and the pattern is from the April 1974 Workbasket.

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