Monday, February 25, 2008

Angel, Gingerbread House, Cat, Frog and Flowers

Just a quick note on an unrelated subject. All of the participants in the round robin were sent their partners some time ago and for the doily group and both beginners groups the deadline for the first mailing was Feb 24. The first mailing for the Hearts group is March 2nd and for the International Project group it is March 3rd. Some people have either not responded or not received the original mailing with the partner information which is why I am cross posting the information here. The Round Robin blog is located Here.
Riet posts a picture of the motif from Jane's most recent challenge done by one of the Dutch guild members. Riet tatted Jane's zipper pull that's fun and quick to do. The little angel is Riet"s own design that uses the skirt of the Sun Bonnet Sue motif in the Big Book of Tatting and the flower is from Helma Siepmann. Elizabeth is longing for spring and tatting necklaces with flowers and butterflies. This design was time consuming and took a bit of planning but it's in her favourite colours.Anne has tatted Tiri’s doily and it's number 18 of the 25 motif challenge. Now she has an idea that involves the dragon she tatted earlier and a small storm of snowflakes. Dragons and snowflakes? Curious. Sapna tatted the bookmark from Sherry's blog in two tone blue and coasters in Marilee's Tiger Eye colour. Clyde's new doily design is a perfect match for these. Sapna has fallen victim to HDT syndrome. Norma has been testing out some pieces on her food fight block.These tatted pumpkins will go on "pumpkin pie" block. The tatted edging done in variegated purple machine embroidery thread will go on the seam of another block. A lady in one of her groups has asked her to make some butterflies and these are some of the threads Norma experimented with. The Bible verse block has been embellished with tatted clouds.
Jeff has been tatting flowers. The "Stargazer Lily" by Linda S Davies was tatted in Flora thread #205 & #225. Nancy Tracy's Magnolia tatted in an unknown variegated pink and Coats Opera thread in white both size 30. Jeff treated himself to some new shuttles and while he prefers bobbin shuttles, all of these are post style shuttles.
Aileen has tatted Witchery the Cat by Inga Madsen for her round robin. She has embellished a cosmetics pouch for a friend by adding tatted initials and some tatted flowers were added to hair clips. She picked up some Dylon cold dyes and tried her hand at dying threads. The initial dying looked pretty good but a lot of the colour came out in the rinse. Aileen's friend brought her some lovely shuttles even one with her name inscribed. Here latest tatting is a frog by Jane Eborall.
Gina has finished the last motif in the book and now she's thinking she should have done them all in the same colour. What's she supposed to do with 25 mismatched motives?
Joy enters the challenge with the thistle bookmark by J. N. Faeih done in size 20 thread and the green for the stem is size 30 Cebelia (DMC). Joy has been working on a doily a "serious" project and finished on time to gift it, is a dresser scarf with a tatted hens and chicks border.
Carol is still working on her gingerbread house. It needs more stiffening and more candy.
Jon is working from a tatted motif from Tatting with Anne Orr and she's working with DMC Dentelles 80, colour code 109 trying to see how big she can make it repeating each segment continuously without having to cut the thread. Laura sent her some hand dyed thread to try out and included a rose snowflake and a celtic snail.
Marty has been working her way through Iris Neibach's Fantasia and she did "Trifoglio" in pastel Coats hand-quilting thread. The tatting is a little tight and the colour doesn't really show the hearts or negative spaces. "Stella alpina" was worked in Coats variegated "southwest" colored machine quilting thread. Since she's working these in such fine thread she could easily seal them inside a clear coaster.
Sherry has created a doily in her Baby Shower colour. She has a new batch of Fuschia colour and proposes to do custom colours. Do you have a colour you'd like to see created?

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