Thursday, February 21, 2008

Butterflies, Flowers, Hearts and Slippers

BJ's happy hippo had a fling with a Texan in a circus and Miss Pearl is the delightful results with a yellow collar and blue ears. Tatted in Pizzaz size 30 and Finca thread in blue and yellow. The rose cross from Sharon Briggs was tatted in red and white size 20 thread and came out 6 inches high. It will be framed and given to BJs friend for her birthday. Sue Hanson's Block Tatted Heart was done in Pizzazz a hand-dyed DMC cordonet 6 ply thread. Teresa's Ombre Block Heart done in size 10 lavender thread is BJs first piece of block tatting and she's not satisfied with it. C'mon BJ if you were perfect first try you'd put the rest of us to shame.
Mrs John spent the day dying threads with proper fabric dye. She used white and ecru as her base thread and is pleased with the results. She has the idea of tatting a doily for herself, her Mom and her sisters in law but 4 doilies may be a bit much especially with the busy season coming. The threads are from top right a size 10 HDT Mrs John got from ebay, the bottom thread her own HDT in size 10 and the top left thread #20 stained with the artist's colors/food coloring. Shay has taken a one shuttle edging from Beeton's book and mirror imaged it to make a lovely bookmark. Gina wanted to tat a heart for her daughter in law to be and started with Sue Fuller's heart but she didn't have the instructions at the time for the second half of it so she worked a second heart in variegated thread added a zigzag tail and a dimpled ring to the end. She started a vintage edging using up thread on the shuttle and only got a couple of repeats done. Gina is celebrating 5 years of blogging. Here are 4 more motives from the book Tatting for the Beginner. There didn't seem to be any errors in these motives and Gina wonders if the designs were written up by more than one tatter. Pamela has tatted 2 more geckos. These are done with Marilee's HDT Forest and have Swarovski crystals running along his back bone and bronze pearl eyes. This second one is her favorite, with an extra ring in his tail as most geckos have tails the same length as their body and the body is longer to accommodate the new bead idea. Carol is still working on her gingerbread house, but she needs more candy. No not a sugar fix. She needs more candy decorations. Carol has joined the round robins and her group is doing hearts. This is her first heart for the Round Robin. Ruth is having butterfly dreams. Did you notice the lower edge of this gem is made with block tatting? I love this butterfly!Clyde's new doily Sunlite is made with Marilee's hand dyed Tiger Eye thread size 80 and measures 6 inches across. Isn't it adorable? Jon has finally finished the doily she started almost a year ago. It measures about 13 inches across done in size 30 thread and Jon thinks it will be along time until she starts another project this large. A long time… is that like, two weeks. (I'm ducking and running for cover).

I received a wonderful surprise package in the mail and get to share with you Kathy Niklewicz' tatting. Marilee has a new colour 'Purple" I think I'm going to have to get me some of that. It looks too scrumptious to pass up. Lola the butterfly looks ready to take flight. Time for a fanfare, Marilee's "Vision" necklace that has already won an award, will now be shown in the magazine March/April issue of "Belle Armoire". Lost art indeed. Found art is more like it. Congratulations Marilee!Dame Margo has been hiding out in Laura's closet when she should have been practicing her pirouette. Another bell ringer event, Laura has designed her first tatted heart. Following the concept of Martha's heart in her book Tat's Amore, Laura created an outline and filled it with flowers. Isn't it wonderful? Marty tatted "Apatura Iris" from Iris Neibach's book in DMC size 80 in a purple and green variegated colour. It's measures 2.75 x 3 inches including the antennae and it is adorable. Marty has also tatted a square motif from the same book but lost her magic threads and had to resort to a dot of fabric glue. She'd like to tat one of the doilies or mats from the book one of these days.. Sherry provides a sneak peak for something she is working on. It's in her new Baby Shower colour.

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