Sunday, February 10, 2008

Butterflies, Leaves, Doilies, Sea Horse and Geckos

Anne tatted this pattern from Jan Stawasz' "Tatting theory and patterns", and made in Ören Bayan size 50 thread. It's a gorgeous pattern and I agree with Anne that I love how the rings form their own motif in the corners. Tami has been doing some test tatting that she can't show yet but what she can show is the bookmark she did for her DIL. Kate has her TIAS hippo completed and the basket that Laurie designed from the Tatting Pattern Calendar. She also tatted some earrings from Nina Libin's site and had to modify them slightly because the thread kept breaking. The other 2 motives are from a Dutch book "Frivolité Vroeger En Nu" and are tatted in pearl cotton size 5? Mrs John seems to have gotten bit by the thread dying bug.

Shay says this snowflake was inspired by an illustration from an eBay find titled The Complete Home Reference Book of Sewing and Needlework which she modified to have 6 repeats and in 12 cotton perle it's a nice size for a sun catcher. Aileen is looking forward to celebrating the Chinese New Year with new clothes and a new bag. Here is her new bag with a tatted sea horse done in size 20 Coats thread. She thinks it's Debbie Arnold's pattern. She used Off and On Glue to attach it to the bag. She also completed the beaded card pouch designed by Sheila Dutton, done in size 20 Omega thread. C4G has added some tutorials to her blog and she has completed the floral bookmark she was working on. Mortaine has completed the bracelet she was working on. Two rows worked into each other then mirror imaged and woven together. Isn't it wonderful? Gina has 2 more motives completed and she's modifying them to climb from one round to the next, which is taking a little more thought. Many of these motives seem to have errors or oversights in them and it's nice to have someone go through them step by step and make notation of them especially for beginners. An experienced tatter like Gina can work out the corrections "on the fly" whereas a novice tatter would just have a lot of misshapen motives and might think it was their tatting that was at fault. Pamela has just received some of Marilee's hand dyed thread and she just had to use it to make a gecko, or in this case a pair of twins. Ruth has fall Leaves designed for Fringe Element Tat Day in Canada in September.Clyde is working on a doily in size 80 using Marilee's Tiger Eye hand dyed thread and it's coming out beautifully. Marilee shows us her technique for a mock ring with a bead in the centre. Laura has another round done on her doily. She has been struck with the design bug and has numerous ideas for leaves. Marty started with one of Sherry's butterflies but she miscounted the picots on the chain so she did it again, but the colour combination was off. Then she did it again, but not quite right, so she gave it a fourth try. It's a whole flock of butterflies. Sherry was finally able to give her sister the hat that she made for her with the tatting on it. Her newest thread colour is called Easter Egg. Martha tatted this lovely teardrop ornament kit from Terry McGuffin using size 12 pearl cotton. Simply adorable.

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