Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hearts, Stars, Butterflies and Snowflakes

Wendy has posted the November quilt block of the month.

Kate was blogging about how she would have shown all these motives if she had joined the challenge, but that's no fun. So she's been persuaded to join and here are her motives. She tatted one of Mary Konior's designs with Coats and Clark quilting thread which broke on her a couple of times. She used the left over thread on the shuttle to tat a celtic design. Her next 3 motives are the Mary Konior's heart pattern. The first one was done earlier this year, the second was tatted with King Tut quilting thread and the red one with Gutterman quilting thread. The mobile of a sun, moon, and stars is from Jane Eborall's pattern and in hangs over her nephews changing table to keep him amused.
Ruth is having a tatting yard sale check out her blog to see what's happening and while you're there take a look at the blast from the past photo of Ruth tatting. The tatted motif is a Red Star / Poinsettia / Christmas Ornament and Ruth has included the pattern in her blog.

Marty has been tweaking her butterfly pattern. The first samples were done in size 20 Cebelia, then she switched to Coats rainbow quilting thread. She plans on using the last one on her Treasures to Trash bag so she left the thread ends so she can attach it. Sherry tatted Jon's daisy picot snowflake and then went on to design her own little motif using the same technique.


Knittingand said...

I need to drop out please. I'm not going to be able to work on my tatted mat for a few months yet.

Marty said...

You made me giggle. I would hope I'm not using my butterfly to go from "Treasures to Trash" -- really! ;)

Sharon said...

Sarah I understand the pressures of commitment. I have removed your blog from the links list and when you're ready to start tatting again, let me know and I'll add the link back on.

Sharon said...

But Marty, if you have enough butterflies on it, even trash looks like a treasure. LOL