Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bookmarks, Birds, Snowflakes and Angels

Terry shares the pattern for Trinka, an angel she designed for her sister in law who passed away recently.
Jeanne has posted a link to ICON - The Institute of Conservation. There's a lot of useful information on the web site and it's worth a browse through.

Bhavani had some pieces she was about to discard, but instead she added them to the hanky she just edged. I'm glad she didn't throw them away because they look like they were planned for the hanky.
Wendy is making slow progress on her Halloween yo-yo quilt because of all the Halloween parties. The pictures for the October quilt block of the month are posted with pictures showing the process of the cutting and assembly.

Sarah hasn't been able to blog much lately as she's been under the weather. There are some very soft looking merino and silk balls pictured and I love the colours.

Sapna tatted one of the designs from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson in two colours as a birthday gift for her husband's friend. Hers is prettier than the one in the book. The tatted basket looks like Laurie's pattern that was published in the Tatting Pattern Calendar and Sapna plans to fill it with purple flowers and put it on a card. She's not sure where the other motif comes from either but she liked the look of it and did it in Rose thread number 20, Valdani perle 12 and some of Yarnplayer's hand dyed thread.
Norma has continues on with her TAST stitching and did some experimenting with dyeing some laces ribbons and motives. The final results are pretty and worth all the effort.

Diane is getting her roof done and she has discovered the simple joy of finger tatting. The cooler weather and the hats Teri D has been working on have prompted her to crochet some nice warm head coverings. They all look nice and cozy.

Bob has tatted a coaster but it doesn't seem to lay right. It should be OK after blocking. It's amazing how tatting can look really disgusting until it's been teased into shape by a good soak and pinning it out.
Bev received her scissors fob from Lai Ellen and she plans on framing them with an 1840 Ebony, bone shuttle inlaid with mother-of-pearl and sterling silver design. Her tatting is Mary Konior's Reflection tatted in Vintage J & P Coats thread and mounted on a card to send to Mary.
Carol tatted a Halloween Scooby witch for Sherry with a hat cape and bat wand.
Ruth has added a Sweet Christmas Edging to her blog and to the Tatting Pattern Calendar. It's an amazingly simple and clever design. There is also a video clip of the Palmetto Tat days
Clyde is really enjoying tatting doilies with Marilee's hand dyed threads. The first doily started with the Lacy Medallion Luncheon Set Pattern from the book The Tatters Treasure Chest by Mary Carolyn Waldrep and the outer portion is Clyde's own design so that the doily would have a ruffled edge. The second doily started out following The Basket of Clover pattern from Elegant Tatting patterns by Janet Carroll but after 6 rows he was running out of thread and he improvised the last two rows. Both doilies use size 80 thread in the Leafy colourway.

Jon tatted 40 snowflakes for her friend. The designs come from a variety of sources and you really need to see them from Jon's blog because this composite doesn't really show the beauty of these gems.

Snowy is working on a pink doily but it hasn't progressed to the point where she wants to share it yet. Instead she has posted a celtic bookmark she did a few years ago. It was the first piece she did using celtic tatting split rings and lots of colour.

Marilee is starting to feel better and managed to tat these lovely earrings.

Laura's friend scanned her daisy picot snowflake and she is amazed at the difference it make to the picture of her lace. Now she wants a scanner for Christmas.

Melissa has been embroidering a border around the neckline of a sweater for her sister.

Sherry has added a very informative video of her shuttle production. All the breakage that happens during the process is enough to make you cry.

Martha was working on a maple leaf, but that wasn't quite right. Then she thought it might become an eagle, but that wasn't quit it either. Now she knows it's a baby bird, but maybe there's still an eagle hiding in there somewhere.

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