Saturday, November 10, 2007

Butterflies, Leaves, Snowflakes and Kittens

Pamela is tatting CATS, lots of cats. The first one is by Inga Madsen from her book of Tatted Animals tatted in variegated Flora 10. Then she tatted Mark's cat in ginger colours the large one in Coats Floretta 20 variegated and the little cat is in vintage J&P Coats tatting thread 70 or 80. The she tatted Martha Ess' cats from New Critters on the Block, one is made in Flora 10, one in variegated Oren Bayen 50, (which she remarks tats like 30), then a teeny weeny kitty in vintage J.P.Coats tatting thread a 70 or 80. One of these little ginger cats made it onto a card for Pamela's son in law's birthday. Isn't it simply wonderful?
Wendy posted pictures of some of the aprons she and her children own. She found a filet crochet edging and used the design to create a butterfly slip for her daughter. Also posted is a tutorial for turning a yoyo into a holiday brooch. Lots of creative and clever ideas.

With breakneck speed, Sapna has already finished the challenge. Here are her final entries. The first is a small motif from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist & Elwy Persson that Sapna thought would look great as an earring. The thread used is Marilee's Rhubarub Crisp. Another design from the same source tatted in Rose cotton thread size 20 and used as a necklace. Sapna used the colours already wound on her shuttle to make this last design. She had intended to tat it in one colour but it turned out beautifully and she's quite pleased with the results.
Moni has tatted medallions and attached them to old-fashioned lavender bags to keep in her wardrobe.Mary was too busy to blog about her tatting for quite some time so I tagged her to list 7 weird or random facts about herself. She not only listed her tagged items she added all kinds of tatting to her blog. She discovered this flower pattern in her Workbasket magazines and had to tat it. The tulip pattern from her flower garden was added to her web site. The sunflower, another Workbasket pattern was designed by Mary H. McCarthy and she has used modern techniques to work it. Next is Iris Niebach's earring using Coats & Clark button and craft thread and the Tatted Baby Earrings were just something to help empty shuttles. Dianna Stevens amulet bag was done for an exchange and the neck cord was made by tatting all split rings and placing 5 beads between each split ring. Add flowers and the baby angels become stick pins.The Twinkle Tatted Icicle by Charlene G. Finiello came from a Workbasket pattern and Mary added a festive red ribbon. Her most recent addition is Vida Sunderman's Three Dimensional Snowflake #2 that she added glitter to. She used a mixture of liquid starch and Aleene's white glitter paint then dipped and dried it on wax paper.
Ruth's yard sale has been a great success! The tatting posted is actually and edging with a ribbon woven through it. Isn't that clever? Among the treasures she discovered in her clean up are some fabric pieces she saved thinking to change them into tatting one day. She's thinking that they look like something Mark would turn into a pattern. Anyone else want to give it a try? Ruth has discovered that another one of the trials of podcasting is not having a quiet room. It's amazing the odd sounds that a microphone picks up, like the dog snoring. Or phones ringing, dogs barking, clocks ticking, plumbing burbling, stairs creaking, kettles whistling and all manner of little house noises that you never notice until you try to record something. Been there, done that.

I was contacted by CBC TV about a possible story on tatting in Toronto which prompted me to find a public place in which to teach and I have finally found a corner where I can teach tatting on a regular basis. Yippee!

Snowy shows us why she isn't getting much tatting done, she has to work with not one, but 3 cats in her lap.

Marilee has a lovely new colour in her shop called Pizzazz.

Laura tatted a hat for Isaac, but it's too big so she's putting it in her Etsy shop. The snowflake was designed by Emma Crew and it's tatted in Cebelia 20 with blue/purple seed beads.
Marty took another of her not quite right butterfly patterns and tweaked it using Cebelia size 30 and it looks much better. She worked it again in Coats quilting thread and after a little "oops" it came out quite nice. She's done another one in Coats pastel variegated quilting thread. This last one she is going to attach to the bag she is decorating for the Tatting Treasures fro Trash challenge.
Sherry has lots of tatting ideas floating around in her head like these leaves. Her book is coming along slowly but surely.

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