Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wonderful, Marvelous Tatting!

Gail has been tatting through the summer but has had to share computer time so she wasn't blogging. She did manage to create the beautiful doily from the front of the Burda book. Isn't it gorgeous?
Martha's new book "Tat's Amore" is out. It's a terrific book and by all reports it's going to be a must have book for heart lovers. Ordering information is available on her blog.

Pamela already has her copy and she shows us some of the designs she tatted from it.

Wendy is working on quilts and in September started a block of the month group. Yo-yos still abound on her blog and she's been working on scarves for a Halloween swap.

Anne has finished the mystery stole and the shawl it inspired. Now she needs to find room to block it.

Sarah has been knitting and finishing some projects, or at least as much as she can with her knees and hands skinned. Ouch!

Tami has been working on a really stunning quilt and has finished an outfit and the bindings for a quilt for her granddaughter and grew some really weird broccoli.

Connie took a break from tatting to do some crochet.

Sapna tatted the Celcelia doily from the etatters web site using size 20 Opera thread, then she did the tatted heart from Melissa's blog, but she did it in 2 colours.
Norma has been emptying her shuttles to do some larger projects She tatted a butterfly using a multicolor #20 Anchor crochet cotton and a Hens and Chicks edging using #20 Anchor shaded blue crochet cotton. Both of these will be attached to some CQ.
Diane is very enthusiastic about the new tatting book she ordered "Tatting Patterns" by Mary Konior and she wants to get all of her books. The Spinning Wheel glass mat was made with some hand dyed thread from Marilee. Now she's thinking maybe it needs one of Sherry's teacups to sit on top of it. The hand woven bookmarks that she made have been embellished with some tatting from Patti Duff's Mini Tats. The blue/green variegated thread is Marilee's hand dyed thread size 20 and the purple is Flora size 20.
Bob joins the challenge and his first piece is a little bit he played around with while waiting for his wife to finish work. He's included the pattern for it on his blog.

Carol did another Scaredy Cat, this time with green eyes and she's selling the pattern for this one on ebay along with her glove pattern. Then she was inspired by a beading book to tat her Heartline edging and she has shared the pattern for it. It's really sweet and would look wonderful around the neck of a little girl's dress.

Ruth is on the move again, but she popped in long enough to post a picture of her butterfly collection.
Arlene has been knitting and tatting. Her socks look a tiny bit odd, but her tatting of Iris Niebach's Francesca is wonderful.
Clyde's kids are growing up and one is off to university and the other is busy working so he doesn't get to see them as much now. He's continuing to work of tatted snowflakes for Christmas and remarks that his friends really appreciate them.

Mark has posted some videos taken of him at work. The indoor fish and outdoor fish were introduced and now he has lots of little fishies. Meanwhile he's still got a lot of tatting to get done for the Palmetto Tat days

August 30th is Malaya's independence day and Jon's birthday. Belated Happy Birthday, Jon.

I have posted a picture of the snowman family I tatted for the newsletter. The bit of black tatting I posted a few days ago was the snowman's top hat. The newsletter is done and if I can just get all of my software to talk to each other, I'll get this thing published yet.

Snowy has been busy. She tatted a black doily, very dramatic, but hard to work on, a bookmark that she copied from one done previously, and a motif that can be made into a doily if she wants to tat 5 more of them.
Marilee has acquired one of Sherry's ceramic shuttles and she's using it to work on a new piece. This one is a rock encased in tatting adorned with pearls.
Laura tatted the chatelaine from my last newsletter in a vibrant red. Then she decided having everything attached to the chatelaine made it too heavy so she started again and did a slight modification to hold only one implement. The weight is one of the reasons I attach mine to my belt or the strap of my purse. Carol's Heartline edging was just too sweet to resist so Laura had to try it out. Charlene has been tatting butterflies for the Palmetto's Tat Days and more recently she used Marilee's hand dyed threads to make a cross and butterfly. She used Finca for the tatted baskets and DMC for another cross. Melissa has just passed her one year blogiversary and she's finally into her new home and busy unpacking everything.

Sherry has been working on tatted note cards to include with her sales. What a charming idea. She spent some time in San Diego and had a chance to see lots of things including the beluga whales and orchids.

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