Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Techniques, Butterflies and Favorite Designs

I haven't had a lot of spare time lately. I managed to get the Tatted Lace Pattern Collection newsletter out and thought I'd be free to blog, but the family had to prepare for the reception after my brother's funeral and then we had the picnic to prepare for our family reunion. Physical emotional and mental exhaustion set in and all I did for the last couple of days was vegetate. So here's a whole lot of new tatting.

Wally went a long time without internet access and then a trojan virus messed up her computer. Now she's back online with several new motives to show. Wally has been designing her motives using a different technique for each motif. Her new entries are a motif that uses roll tatting on an onion ring design, multiple picots forming the wings and halo of an angel, and padded tatting creating a remarkable motif. Her last motif uses a spiral chain and Wally says it's been a challenge to come up with 25 designs using different techniques. She plans on using a different theme for her next 25.

One of the projects that Meme has tatted several times is this doily from an old magazine that uses block tatting. The first time she did it with a shuttle and ball, but after working on it she realized it was better to do it with 2 shuttles.

Martha used a beautiful thread with some lovely matching beads, but the pattern didn't do them justice. There are too many beads for the butterfly to lay flat. The design is really pretty, it just didn't work out the way she wanted it to. At least it gives her a piece of tatting for a jeans bag.

Wendy is still working with lots of yo-yos. She found some vintage thread and used it t make the ring and chain edging she saw in the store. She has included the pattern for the edging on her blog. Also posted are the items for a Halloween exchange.

Anne is suffering with a cold, but she still managed to block the shawl that she created based on the mystery stole. It's gorgeous.

Laurie is looking for public involvement in a movement to block proposed mining legislation. She's also looking for votes for her fabric postcard.

Sarah has been knitting away on a sweater. She shows the bruising results of banging her leg several days ago and the accumulated yarn stash is growing again. Her most exciting news though, is that her self published book is on it's way to being available to the public.

Joyce has completed an "I spy" quilt and incorporated a piece of fabric from her grandmother's stash.

Sapna has tatted 4 meters of lace edging to go on a dupatta for her new salwar and Jeanne Lugert's 3-D rose. That's a lot of lace to tat in one weekend.

Norma shows he work on the TAST cable chain stitch and how she separated a piece of lace into sections to be used in her crazy quilts. She also made an amazing thread find.

Diane found lots of interesting things at the fair and shows us all her treasures including the pieces she got from Marilee who was also at the fair. The tatting she has been working on is lace for a tooth fairy pillow.
Clyde started the challenge intending to tat a tablecloth that was to take 150 large and 126 small motives. Part way through he discovered the hand dyed threads and decided that if he was going to tat a tablecloth, he was going to at least going to use threads he liked working with. In the interim he has a length of lace 4.5 feet by 1.5 feet and the blocked runner is very pretty.
Marilee posts a picture of Diane and herself at the fair.

Laura has posted pictures of Candace's wedding but sadly the tatted lace hanky around the flower stems just doesn't show up well.

Marty has posted pictures of the tatting she has done for her Tatted Treasures from Trash bag. It’s really looking good.

Melissa has started a new long term project a CQ bedspread. Marie Smith and her granddaughter Violet read how Melissa was using cast off tatting bits in her CQ and they sent her lots of pieces to use.
Sherry is taking the Tatters Across Time proficiency program and is learning ways to improve her tatting. She has created a lovely necklace for her Etsy shop that uses her grape vine design with tiny beads. She has just heard that her husband will be going to the Middle East for a whole year. That's rough to be without your partner for that long. We're here for you Sherry.

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