Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hearts, Seahorse and Dragon

Lynda tatted 3 hearts from Martha's new book. These hearts used split rings and Lynda remarks that they are definitely for Advanced Intermediate Tatters. We're seeing lots of examples of Martha's hearts and they're all really pretty.
An old edging pattern from her grandmother's collection was the inspiration for the base of these earrings. Elizabeth used Caron Wildflowers thread for them but she finds it a little soft for tatting.Patti has been taking some serger classes and as a result has some new items added to her Etsy shop. The bunny is adorable.

Wendy went to school with the kids for constitution day.

Anne received a tatting stamp from Handy Hands and the pattern for the motif on the stamp. She's had fun playing with both. The dragon from Pam Palmer is completed, but Pam left the ends hanging so that she has something to use to attach it to the fabric background. Now to select a fabric.

Sarah's test prints of The Any Yarn, Any Size Knit Hat Book were cleared by customs and her anticipation is rising.

Connie has a whole lot of crocheted doilies completed and she has finally got the pictures posted. Beautiful work. I'm still looking for the tatted doily.

Diane took a trip to Alabama to visit their parents and tatted on the trip. She finished "Angelica" from Mary Konior's "Tatting in Lace" in size 20 "Cool Green" colour from Yarnplayer. She worked on a couple of other patterns as well and she'll post pictures later.
Ruth is still travelling but hopes to be back to doing the calendar next week.

I posted a review of the patterns in the Tatted Lace Pattern Collection. I always know how much lace I make in a year as they show up in the newsletter. The 25 Motif Challenge has given other people the opportunity to keep a record of what they have done as well. It's nice to look back and see all of the wonderful things we have created. It gives a wonderful sense of accomplishment.
Laura posts a lovely picture of the Rosette Doily designed by Jon. It does look like the old fashioned crocheted doilies.
Sherry has finished canning her hot sauce, got some yard work done, hardwood floors installed and still managed to tat Jane's seahorse. It looks just like the real one she found and preserved.

I must have been tired when I posted this as I didn't hyperlink people's names as I usually do and folks have had to use the list on the side to find the blogs. It's fixed now.


csipkelelk┼▒ said...

Can I join 25 Motif Challenge? My blog (www.csipkelelku.blogspot.com) is written in Hungarian, but I’ll try to write summeries in English (excuse me for my poor English, I try to do my best…, but please, feel free to correct my grammatical errors).
I want to tat some nice jewels (necklaces, earrings, etc.), and to create new motifs, medallions and snowflakes for example.
Now I'm going to post my first motif.

csipkelelk┼▒ said...

Uhh. I meant summaries, of course...