Thursday, September 20, 2007

Puppies, Jewelry, Flowers and Edgings

When I viewed the blogs today I noticed that several people had posted a bunch of new pictures. I am going to try to post all of the tatting pictures from the blogs this year, but no promises. If I run out of time I may have to select only one image or I may have to join them all together to get them to fit. If something you posted doesn't get copied over to the challenge page, it isn't a personal insult, I just didn't have the time to get them all and make Blogger display them where I wanted them.

Lynda has some more ideas for her Christmons decorations and she created an edging she calls "Rose Garden" that's very pretty.
Pamela has been tatting puppy dogs from Martha Ess' "New Critters on the Block". She used Coats Aida 10 for the larger pup and vintage Coats Chain 20 for the smaller one. Inga Madsen's book "'Tatted Animals" has another canine that Pamela did in Coats Red Heart 20.

Connie has tatted her first snowflake using rings off the top of a chain. It's Teri Dusenbury's Wheel Of Fortune Snowflake 1992. Done in DMC Cebelia Pink and Ecru size 30. She has also started the basic pattern from Wally's Tatalong.
Diane has completed "Hope" from Mary Konior's "Tatting with Visual Patterns" in size 20 Flora, color #55 and she has posted bot it and "Angelica" which has now been blocked. Isn't it amazing the difference blocking makes?
Moni has taken the plunge and joined the challenge. Her first piece is a necklace that uses a simple motif connect by a zigzag chain. Very pretty! Moni's blog is in Hungarian, but she's going to include English subtitles for those of us who are linguistically challenged.
Marilee has posted "Carnival" earrings on her blog and she generously shares the pattern with us along with tips on adding a bead to the centre of the design.

Congratulations for Nurse Candace. Laura is thrilled that her daughter has passed her state board tests.

Sherry has hit the milestone of her 100th post.To celebrate she has selected 3 of her $40 ceramic shuttles and listed them on ebay for $10. If you're interested, you'd better get your bid in fast.

Kathy has been on a business trip and had lots of time to tat. She continues to use threads she received in exchanges and all of these patterns are from Workbasket magazines.The white motif is Olympus size 40. The colourful snowflake is made with Valdani pearl cotton and the square motif is YLI Quilting Thread colour V73 called Maui Sunset. The fan motif was tatted with Altin Basak Size 50, colour number 3053 and Kathy says she had to do a lot of guessing and looking at the picture to get it done.

Wally decided on tatting flowers for her next 25 and she already has 4 done. The first is called Summer Blossom I. Summer Blossom II uses Daisy Picot or Floral Picot technique and the pattern will be available later in a book with patterns using this technique. Her third flower is called Summer Blossom III. June Flower is her fourth flower and it, like Summer Blossom I and III are in her book "Quick Tatting". Wally has included the link making it easy to purchase the book.

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