Sunday, September 23, 2007

Flowers, Critters and aTatted Dress

Elizabeth tatted this design using a copper thread that gives a lovely effect. The thread is a stinker to work with, so she doesn't make any large projects with it.

Pamela loves Marth Ess' critters. Her newest additions are the tigers done in Flora thread sizes 10 and 20. It's the perfect colour for these little guys.
Wendy has a yo-yo tutorial on her blog and she's been having some fun spelling with decorative blocks.

Sarah has added a new knitting pattern to her site and her books have arrived. They passed inspection so now they are in the shop for sale.

Connie has been packing for Sukkot and wondering if she's packed more projects than she needs. One of her projects is stalled a little as she fixed a problem with broken thread. The motif is one of Jon's designs "Hearts Snowflake" made with Omega size 50 thread she received in an exchange.
Norma has been stitching for the TAST challenge and working on a CQ block. She has also posted some pictures of the ceremonies at Virginia Military Institute where her granddaughter is a cadet.

Bob has posted pictures of the 4 legged family members and the amazing cluny leaves and flowers he designed. He's not sure what to do with it, but maybe it would look good on a denim bag.

Bev did Sue Hanson's one pass fan and says it's great for practicing split rings. Now all she has to do is add beads and a tassel on the bottom.
Ruth taught this little birdie at Shuttlebirds, and in N.C. this year. After Palmetto's she stayed with Katie and this is the one that Katie tatted.
Clyde has plans to tat a doily using some of the wonderful Hand Dyed Hues thread and he's wondering if he should post pictures in progress or wait until it's done. Sign in to vote for your choice.

Mark has posted some pictures of his 2 felines and will be posting more pictures from his trip soon. He and Kim have lots of decorating work to do for the upcoming wedding and just to make things interesting they have a lace and silk ribbon embroidery demonstration to do this weekend.

The Mobile Tatter's Guild in Mobile, Alabama purchased this dress, hat and purse which were found in an attic. Laura's friend, Elizabeth, who is a member of the guild is the model for the dress. Laura has also opened an Etsy shop where she has a collection of crocheted items and a needlepoint bench cover for sale.

Charlene has posted her pictures from Palmetto's where she took several workshops. She did folded rings with Marth Ess. The Footprint, Angel, Shamrock, and the beginnings of a Daisy are the items she has to show. Then she did the Flower Wreath with Karey Solomon. She took the Cluny Flower Bookmark with Mimi Dillman, but will need a little practice on that one, and then it was on to Jane Eborall's Red Eyed Frog. Afterward she picked up "Tatting Patterns" by Lyn Morton from the sales room and she's already done a beaded butterfly from the book using some of her new threads.
Melissa shares some wonderful fabrics and laces she was gifted to help embellish her CQ bedspread.

Wally's 3D Sunflower is tatted with an Egyptian thread, El Beida cotton perle # 8.

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Tattycat said...

Thanks for mentioning my Etsy Shop! This is a first for me and I hope I have some luck.
Once again, you are doing a great job keeping up with all of us!