Monday, February 19, 2007

Shamrocks, Presidents and Bears

Ruth has added some Celtic shamrocks to her blog. and promises to share the pattern on the Tatting Pattern Calendar in March.

Gail has been busy knitting up a pair of socks for her daughter.

Clyde was inspired to design a motif using Pearle 12 Hand Dyed Hues thread from New Zealand. He received the thread from Omar in Australia in the thread exchange and liked the thread so much that he placed an order for more of it.
Laura has tatted Carol's 12 of Hearts motif from the Tatting Pattern Calendar in #20 DMC and found that it works up quickly and she wants to do some more.
Martha has done Abe Lincoln, her version of one of Jane Eborall's Tatbead characters.Charlene spent some time today exploring several interesting blogs.
Sylvia has added a lot of eye candy to her web site since the last time I visited it. She has posted pictures of some tatted flowers she did from designs by Jennifer Williams, a floral bookmark I recognize, but can't remember who designed it. If you know please inform Sylvia so she can update her records. She created a simple bookmark using a lovely rusty burgundy corded yard and added a tassel for the end, but her grandson wanted to know why she'd given the teddy bear a tail! Another of the motives she has completed is a variation of a design from a Coates leaflet which she had to modify as the instructions were incomplete and her shuttles weren't co-operating. Finally, she plaited the tail on the Raspberry Sherbet motif done earlier and turned it into a bookmark.

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