Sunday, February 25, 2007

More beautiful lace

Although we've been working through our challenge for quite a while, I'm still getting requests to join. Everyone is welcome. Just let me know your blog or web site address and I'll add you to the link list on the right. Every few days I'll check the pages to see what's new and copy some of the pictures to show here. There isn't the space, and I don't have the time to show everything, that's why the links are on the side, so people can see all of your work for themselves. You can join in the fun by either adding a comment below, or sending an email to sharon at gagechek dot com with the address of your blog.

Sharol has taken the Green-Trimmed Daisy Edge from the Big Book of Tatting by Darlene Polachic and worked it around a corner. She has also tatted a Christmas tree from a copy of a photo, but she has no idea where the pattern originates.

Jon is in the process of going back over the designs she created for the challenge and writing out the patterns. Some of them she has had to re-do because the lace has been given away and others she has re-done to tweak the design a little. She is also working on a large square piece made up of 4 large square pieces, several smaller connecting motives and then she wants to add a finishing round. It's looking spectacular.
Kristi doesn't have any tatting to show today, just some rosy cheeked kids in a snow tunnel. Looks like they've been having a lot of fun.

Snowy had a long trip to England and back with lots of time on her hands and she worked on a length of edging that was easy to pick up and work on whenever she didn't need to help navigate. On the return trip she worked on a Mary Konior pattern that was in a back issue of the Ring of Tatters newsletter because the stitch count was easy to memorize.

Sylvia has tatted a doodle in a bangle. It is made from the variegated purple Perfect Quilters thread, combined with the thin peach thread that she used on another motif.
Melissa has needle tatted a round medallion and now has to decide if she wants to use it as a pendant, or use it in her crazy quilt. Make another one and do both!

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Melissa said...

Why thank you, I think I will! LOL
I'm working on a heart motif right now!