Friday, February 09, 2007

Daisy cluny, rainbow heart, forgotten motives and miniature lace

Ruth has posted a daisy cluny ring. Following these techniques is making my head spin. Do you realize how many new things have been experimented with and expanded on just because we are tatting 25 motives. There are a lot of people who aren't participating in the challenge, but they are still following the results and talking about them on the tatting lists. What a wonderful way to expand our circle of friends and circle of influence. The other posting Ruth has shared is a heart that was in the Tatting Pattern Calendar yesterday. The Calendar has been another source of inspiration and has yet another motif in it today which was inspired by the medallion Ruth posted a while ago.

Mark has sustained an injury that will keep him from tatting for a while. Keep your thumbs up Mark.

Kathy tatted a sunny yellow motif from a 1968 Workbasket pattern in size 20 Flora thread. She has also posted a heart in a beautiful variegated Caron thread size 10. The pattern is a creation of Susan Taliaferro isn't it beautiful?

Sharon has posted some blobs of things she's working on and talks about the trials of publishing tatting patterns.

Azie hasn't been tatting for very long but after a long break she has posted some pictures of what she has been doing. She has three new motives to show all of them very well done. Only 20 more to go. Don't feel bad, I've only posted ONE.

Charlene has posted pictures of her Algerian stitch for the TAST challenge.

Marty tatted Iris Niebach's pattern Beatrice from "Tatted Doilies" done in Coats Machine Quilting thread in a variegated red -- about size 100. It's so tiny and delicate looking and just adorable. Know anyone who collects dollhouse miniatures? I know where they can find the perfect lace tablecloth.

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