Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tons of Terrific Tatting

Ruth continues to create more designs and she's been playing around with interlocking picots. Neat. She was working on a design for wings and came up with a tree and she's sharing the pattern. Today's entry is a split ring Christmas ball motif. If it lays flat, how does it go around a ball?

Sharol took a break from tatting suns and did a beautiful Beaded Ornament using a pattern by Debbie Arnold. She plans to do another with red and green dagger beads for her mom. She's going to love it.

Mark has created an ingenious edging using Oliver Twist a variegated thread. It's a row of SR ground in and a second row of ring and chain. Isn't it wonderful?

Barbara posts a medallion from Tatting with Anne Orr, page 16 - Medallion No 4 (Dover Needlework Series). She tatted this one with with DMC Cordonnet Ecru 40.

Laura has done another celtic motif, adding beads this time. She thinks the beads are too big, but needs to block it first to be sure.

LaRae did a star shaped motif, #41 from the Myra Piper book called Tatting. The Dodge House was decorated last night and she's been told it's "dripping" with lace. We'll get to see the pictures of it later.

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